XRumer 12.0.17 Elite

A new revolutionary method was implemented in decoding of hard type of “Google ReCaptcha”, with decoding speed less than 0,1 second, high precision and self-learning for new images. Besides, in database of program was added more than 16.000 textual captcha like “Question-Answer”. Significantly improved technology of relevant submitting Antispam2. “Mass-PM” mode now is able to work on all forums at once with tens and thousands of simultaneously accounts…

was added more than 16000 new textual captcha, used on trusted and popular recourses, that will increase % of successful posting
improved decoding of ReCapctha, both on speed of decoding as on accuracy of decoding:

Significantly improved the work in MassPM:

added the possibility of submitting from several users.
implemented generation of database for submitting from several users.
improved the work with modified versions of SMF, phpBB, IPB engines.
in masspm.ini added new parameter “Memberlist2” that is used in case if for the type of engine the parameter “Memberlist” didn’t get results
in the formation of the report takes into account the factor of decoding of text captchas

AntiSpam system was also improved:

minimized the risk of sending the respond to previously sent
adjusted the masks for collecting nicknames and messages
adjusted definition of topic titles
fixed bug of uploading of nodes.txt file
improved the work with UBB forums.
improved the stability of work
limited the maximal size of topics to improve speed of work
fixed the bug for duplicate analyzing of same topics
added notification in case if nodes.txt was not fully uploaded

Increased the success rate of work with engines with footprints:

“Powered by Connectix Boards” inurl:/index.php?act=register
“Powered by UBB.threads” inurl:/ubbthreads
“Community Software by Invision Power Services” inurl:/forum/
“Security Code:” inurl:/guestbook.html

Now the protection mode is improved.
Improved the calculating mechanism of average speed of posting.
Updated the logic file for activation of links from xpop.txt
Implemented a new technology of work with sockets, which significantly increase the speed of submitting on fresh databases (especially databases with Chinese recourses). Also, it influence on work “Database analysis” tool and HTTP-proxy checker tool.
Adjusted checking of text from textual captcha
Supplemented Ignore_tc.txt
Supplemented xmessages.txt, that is increasing % of successful posts on some engines
Improved decoding of captcha at posting on PunBB forums
Improved reply to existing topic feature
Improved workout of database in UTF-8 encoding
Processing procedure of textual captcha was optimized
Processing of textual captcha with random field name was improved
Processing of non-standard URL to captcha was adjusted
Decoding of PNG captcha was improved
Significantly improved the wotk with HTTPS-links. Fixed several bugs
Updated DLL for work with HTTPS
In Debug mode is made detailed report of HTTPS errors which are saved \Debug\Path.txt
Fixed bug of incorrect processing of non-standard redirects
Fixed bug with reading of FormAction on some sites
Improved decoding of some BMP captcha
Was added additional notifications; Interface was adjusted.
In xurl.txt in “search field = text before the link” extended the size of part of HTML code to 30 characters, up to 70
Significantly improved and optimized the logic of links processing procedure
Adjusted the work of option “Disable monitoring table”
Improved logic of processing of LOGIN_FAILED flag
Function to determinate the file size is adapted to size more than 2 GB
Improved processing of random field name for graphical captcha enter
Improved fill of unrecognized textarea
In Project window added button for randomization of full mail address — “{a|a.}”
A warning note added about that not all email services support changeable placement of point in the address, and the possibility to change automatically to normal form
Added cache of results of graphical captcha decoding
In MassPM mode was improved processing of forums where users list is hidden for all
Adjusted the work of project preview in UNICODE
Fixed bug “Cannot focus on a disabled object” that could appear at edit of Scheduler
Minimized the probability of getting wrong answers for textual captcha in textcaptcha.txt file at using decoding service

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