WinPDF Converter v14

WinPDF Converter can be used for two types of tasks. You can use the product to generate a PDF report by simply using the regular Windows SDK functions to develop your report. This product can also be used as an add-on to TE Edit Control to provide for PDF conversion of the documents. WinPDF product is written to handle the complex text formatting features offered by TE Edit Control. TE Edit Control includes an automatic interface for this product.

WinPDF Convertor supports the following text formatting features:

Horizontal and vertical text placement.
Fonts, point-size, various character styles and colors.
Unicode text.
Right-to-left and mix/latin text.
Embedded fonts.
Embedded Metafiles.
Line, rectangle, circle, and ellipse drawing objects.
Bookmark outlines.
Support for PDF/A output.
Support for Embedding external files.
Support for Digital Signature.
Support for Virtual DPI.
Improved support for south-Asian languages.
Security permissions and password protection.
New Features in Version 14
Improved PDF/A support.
Improved support for color pattern object.
Improved support for font files.
Improved support for Unicode Surrogate Pair characters.
Improved support for bookmarks.
Improved accessibility support.
Support for hatch pattern filling.
Support for picture and rectangle opacity.
Improved Right-to-left processing.
Support for diagonal and hatched filling of rectangles.
Compatible with TE Edit Control, version 26.
Bug fixes and other enhancements.

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