Winnovative Word To PDF Converter for .NET v7.1

Winnovative Word to PDF Converter can be used in any type of .NET application to convert Word documents to PDF. The integration with existing .NET applications is extremely easy and no installation is necessary in order to run the converter. The downloaded archive contains the assembly for .NET and demo applications for Word to PDF conversion. The result of conversion can be produced in a memory buffer, in a file on disk or in a stream.

The Word to PDF Converter does not require Microsoft Word or other third party tools.


Convert Word DOC and DOCX documents to PDF
Does not require Microsoft Word or other third party tools
Convert to memory buffer, file, stream or to a PDF object for further processing
Convert all the pages or select the pages in document to convert
Add headers and footers with page numbering to PDF pages
Append or prepend external PDF files to conversion result
Password protect and set permissions of the PDF document
Add a digital signature to generated PDF document
Add graphic elements to generated PDF document
Generate PDF/A and PDF/X compliant documents
Generate CMYK and Gray Scale PDF documents
Edit existing PDF documents
Merge multiple PDF documents in a single PDF document
Split a PDF document in multiple PDF documents
Support for .NET 4.0 framework and later
Documentation and C# samples for all the features

Code Sample for Word to PDF Conversion
The code below was taken from the Word to PDF demo application available for download in the Word to PDF Converter archive. In this example an instance of the WordToPdfConverter class is constructed and used to convert an Word file to a PDF document in a memory buffer. The resulted buffer is saved in a PDF file on disk. The demo also contains code for adding a header and a footer with page numbering to the resulted PDF document.

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