Winnovative PDF to Image Converter for .NET 7.1 Retail

Winnovative PDF to Image Converter can be used in any type of .NET application to convert PDF pages to images. The integration with existing .NET applications is extremely easy and no installation is necessary. The downloaded archive contains the assembly for .NET and a demo application. The full C# source code for the demo application is available in the Samples folder. The converter produces .NET Image objects during conversion that you can save to image files or use for further processing. You can also customize the color space and resolution used during rasterization operation.


Convert PDF pages to images
Create thumbnails of the PDF pages
Convert PDF documents to multipage TIFF images
Customize the color space and resolution of generated images
Convert PDF pages to images in memory or to image files in a folder
Save the PDF pages images in various image formats
Support for password protected PDF documents
Convert to images only a range of PDF pages
Get the number of pages in a PDF document
Get the PDF document title, keywords, author and description
Does not require Adobe Reader or other third party tools
Support for .NET 4.0 framework and later
Documentation and C# samples for all the features

Code Sample for PDF to Image Conversion
The code below was taken from the PDF to Image Converter demo application available for download in the PDF to Image converter archive. In this sample an instance of the PdfToImageConverter class is constructed and used to rasterize the PDF document pages to images.