WCFStorm Host 2.0

Have you already decided to host your own WCF Services instead of hosting in IIS? Do you have several services and find it a challenge to manage it all? Would you like have them all in one place? Would you like to enable tracing and not worry about the size of the trace log?

WCFStormHost lets you accomplish all these. It provides a graphical front-end for managing (Stop/Start/Terminate) WCF Service host processes. It also provides a pluggable framework for adding custom WCF behaviours to services.


Self-host WCF and REST services without writing a single code
Auto-detects the service’s type and creates the correct ServiceHost
Can use REST Starter Kit Host (WebServiceHost2) if starter kit assemblies are detected.
Manage self-hosted services with a simple and intuitive GUI
Host in either .NET 2.0 or 4.0 runtime
Provides a configurable custom trace listener that
limits the size of the trace log file and zips the file log once the size limit is exceeded
limits the number of trace log files
A built-in text editor (with syntax highlighting) for editing *.config files
Editor auto-detects SvcConfigEditor.exe and gives an option to use it.
Automatic logging of messages
Automatic logging of service exceptions
Automatic addition of a mex http endpoint (if not present in the service config)
A plugin framework for adding custom WCF behaviors and UI elements
Can create a valid WCF Service config file if there are no config files present.
1-click to add System.Diagnostics tracing configuration entries
Never lose a config file by storing it WCFStormHost’s internal database
.. and more…

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