Tresi 2.0

Tresi is one and only test client for SignalR Hubs. It takes the pain away from testing SignalR. It supports creation of load tests with different loading strategies. It also has an editor for defining request parameters that works all too well even for Hub methods that take in complex types.

Feature List:
Create and run load tests for Hub services
run tests with constant load
runt tests with increasing load
run tests with burst load to simulate sudden spikes in the load of a hub service
Invoke Hub methods with zero or more arguments
Invoke Hub methods with complex arguments
Request Parameter editor with syntax highlighting.
Syntax highlighting for the JSON response
Export and import hub requests
Support for certificates
Support for cookies
Support for user credentials
View the generated javascript proxy
Variable trace levels (None, All, Events, StateChanges, Messages)
Configurable connection limit
Support for web proxy
Monitor and track all hub events
Monitor and track all hub state changes


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