TMS FMX UI Pack Full Source

Filter panel that extends FMX.TMSGrid component
Automatic column header detection
Prefilled filter operations by type
Multidesign for mobile and desktop environment

Spell Check
Pickers & selectors
Instrumentation and multimedia

Column Persistence
Fixed cell single and range selection
Autosizing columns / rows on double-click
Highly configurable, styleable and flexible grid
Various cell types available and built-in as well as support for custom cell types
Fixed columns left and/or right, fixed rows at top and/or bottom.
Column & row freezing
Several selection modes: single & multi cell, column, row, distinct cell, row, column
Cells with support for HTML formatted text, hyperlinks
Editing with range of built-in editor types and capability of using custom cell inplace editors
Cell merging and splitting
Grouping support with summary rows, and group calculations such as average, sum, min, max, custom calculation…
Filtering with optional auto filtering via dropdown
Different cell layouts for different cell states
Read-only and/or fixed state per cell configurable
Single column sorting, indexed column sorting, grouped column & indexed column sorting
Pixel and cell scrolling modes
Keyboard and Mouse handling customization: tab, enter, insert, delete key handling
Column and row dragging and sizing
Cell controls such as checkbox, radiobutton, button, bitmap, progressbar etc…
Configurable touch scrolling optimized for iOS / Android
Styleable banding
Clipboard support
PDF, HTML & RTF Export
Find and replace functionality with dialogs
Printing support with various print events and custom print drawing
Printing supports displaying a title, description and pagenumber
Print to printer or image file
Built-in support for LiveBindings

PDF Export Component for the TMS Grid for FireMonkey for Windows (QuickPDF), Mac and iOS.
Multiple grid export.
Ability to show title, description and pagenumber per grid with separate font and text color.
Glyphs for Checkbox and RadioButton controls.
Supports vertical gradients, text color and font styles.
High quality rendering of bitmaps used inside the grid.
High quality output with text selection ability (if supported by PDF viewer).
Ability to extend the PDF Export Rendering Library in combination with other PDF Export Engines (Windows Only).

v3.6.7.8 Fixed : Issue getting current time in dmDay mode in TTMSFMXPlanner

v3.6.7.6 Fixed : Issue with TTMSFMXGrid.UnHideColumnsAll; Fixed : Issue with OnChange event handler for TTMSFMXRichEditor

v3.6.7.5 Fixed : Issue with printing to printer/image in TTMSFMXGrid

v3.6.7.4 Fixed : Issue with Floats[] property getter in TTMSFMXGrid

v3.6.7.3 Improved : Adaption to avoid error when used on a datamodule in TTMSFMXTaskDialog Fixed : OnChange event triggering for enter key in TTMSFMXRichEditor Fixed : Issue with pasting plain multiline text in TTMSFMXRichEditor

v3.6.7.2 Improved : RTF import in TTMSFMXRichEditor Fixed : Issue with repainting when programmatically selecting color in TTMSFMXToolBarColorPicker Fixed : Issue with manual lookup loop in TTMSFMXTableView Fixed : Issue with InsertMultiLineText after changing default properties in TTMSFMXRichEditor

v3.6.7.1 Fixed : Issue with handling style changes at designtime in TTMSFMXDockPanel and TTMSFMXToolBar

v3.6.7.0 New : Trimming support via OnGetCellLayout in TTMSFMXGrid Fixed : Issue with DblClick causing access violation in TTMSFMXTreeView

v3.6.6.2 Improved : Number compatibility with different formats for sorting in TTMSFMXGrid Fixed : Issue with missing assignment of DBKey property in TTMSFMXTreeView Fixed : Issue with grid enter key handling in TTMSFMXGrid Fixed : Issue with drag/drop mode and checkbox state change combination in TTMSFMXTreeView Fixed : Issue with column calculations and grouping in TTMSFMXGrid Fixed : Issue with canceling in TTMSFMXLabelEdit

v3.6.6.1 Improved : RTF import in TTMSFMXRichEditor Improved : Parsing of hyperlinks from RTF files in TTMSFMXRichEditor Improved : HTML font style parsing in TTMSFMXRichEditor Fixed : Issue with DropDownAutoSize calculation in TTMSFMXRadioGroupPicker and TTMSFMXCheckGroupPicker

v3.6.6.0 New : LineSpacing property added in TTMSFMXRichEditor New : Added external TTF file support on Android (via Font.FileName) in TTMSFMXPDFLib Fixed : Issue with special characters in filename on macOS in TTMSFMXPDFLib

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