TMS CETools D5-D10.2 Tokyo

13 Components to enable seamless connectivity between Delphi & C++Builder applications and Pocket PC devices

TCESystemInfo: retrieve system info
TCERegistry: read & write the Pocket PC registry
TCEFindFile: find files on the Pocket PC
TCEFileOperations: copy, move, delete file operations on Pocket PC and between Pocket PC and desktop PC + multi file copy between Pocket PC and desktop PC

TCEDatabaseOperations: convert/transfer Access MDB files to Pocket PC cdb files and vice versa
TCEDatabase: access to Pocket PC databases
TCEContacts: access to Pocket PC Contacts database
TCEAppointments: access to Pocket PC Appointments database
TCETasks: access to Pocket PC Tasks database
TCECategories: access to the Pocket PC category list
TCERunApp: start an application from the Desktop PC on the Pocket PC
TCEShortCut: creates a shortcut from the Desktop PC on the Pocket PC
TCERemoteFunction : call functions in remote helper DLLs on Pocket PC (example helper binary DLL files included for ARM, SH3 and MIPS CPUs. Helper DLL C++ source available for registered users)

Important tip for use with Smartphone
In order to have access from the desktop PC with TMS CETools to the Smartphone’s database, RAPI must be configured to allow access. This can be done with the RAPIPolicy tool that can be downloaded here.
To run a CAB file on the PocketPC from the desktop PC, the component TCERunApp can be used with:

CERunApp.ApplicationName := ‘\Windows\wceload.exe’;
CERunApp.CommandLine := ‘”\My Documents\MyApp.CAB”‘;
Functionality in Windows Mobile 5, 6
Microsoft removed tasks, appointments, contacts database access capability from the ActiveSync API without any replacement so we can unfortunately not support this for Windows Mobile 5,6.

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