Telerik UI for WinForms R3 2018 (version 2018.3.911) Retail

Telerik UI for WinForms includes more than 90 user interface controls you can use to fulfill the most demanding desktop or tablet application requirements. All-way customizable GridView, Form, Chart, Scheduler, RichTextBox and other essential controls enable you to build any Line of Business or Modern application in less time while staying under budget.

All Telerik Windows Forms controls come with full theme support. You can use any of the 19 included themes (Windows 8, Office 2013, Visual Studio 2012), or build new ones with the intuitive and unique Visual Style Builder tool. The built-in themes help you effortlessly deliver sleek and consistent, next-generation user experiences across your desktop and tablet applications.

Despite having animations and rich visual effects, Telerik UI for WinForms controls feature excellent performance aimed at helping developers like you improve your productivity and deliver better and faster applications in less time.
UI for WinForms enables easy development of complex, high-performing apps by:

Minimizing the amount of required repainting and layout rearrangements
Empowering all data controls with a data engine guaranteeing blazing-fast data loading and updates
Allowing you to exercise fine-grained control over the component’s appearance and behavior using simple CSS-like syntax
Setting attractive defaults for controls supplied by the Telerik Presentation Framework
Providing easy integration with CAB and its underlying infrastructure

UI for WinForms R3 2018 (version 2018.3.911)

New Controls NEW

New Theme: Crystal – Bring a fresh and modern Mac-Inspired UI to your classic WinForms application with the new Crystal Theme. New Control: Hamburger Menu – Enhance your application with the popular and modern Hamburger Menu navigation for a convenient and intuitive user experience. New RadScheduler View – AgendaView. This view provides a well-structured agenda including all appointments in the scheduler.

RadGridView NEW

Expose a property to allow disabling the selection.


Exception using Excel-like filters with async data refresh. Cancelling the FilterPopup.PopupOpening makes the filter button highlighted. Exception when resetting the data source in Begin\End update and there is a filter applied. Exception when the grid has a column wider that 2000 and the grid is exported. Filter is not cleared for a GridViewMaskBoxColumn with MaskType.Regex. The CreateRowInfo event is not fired for the new row if its position is set to bottom at design time. The Does Not Contain filter eliminates null values after version 2015.3.930. The DrawText property cannot be reset from the CellFormatting event. The PrintCellFormatting is not fired if you assign a new TableViewDefinitionPrintRenderer to the GridPrintStyle. The RadMaskedEditBoxEditor should respect null values if the EnableNullValueInput is set to true. The selection is broken when using CancelAddNewRow inside UserAddingRow. The WrapText property is not respected when the header checkBox is enabled. Throw exception “Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute”.

Buttons FIXED

RadDropDownButton – the popup size is not correct when there is a vertical scroll.


RadPanel – the control`s text should be empty after dragging it from the toolbox in Visual Studio.

RadChartView NEW

New marked zone annotation for polar area.


Point is selected when clicking outside of its rectangle in a polar chart. RadarColumnSeries shifts the data points when both series have different number of points. The MACD indicator should draw two lines, MACD – line and Signal – line. The shape is applied to wrong point when changing at run-time. The vertical axis minimum is not properly calculated with Waterfall series. Unnecessary call of the Focus method resulting in an unexpected scroll in RadScrollablePanel.

RadChat NEW

Expose a UserData property in all of the message types.


When you make the InputTextBox multiline its height gets huge and the send button disappears from the box. Wrong time separator when adding previous messages.

RadCheckedDropDownList FIXED

Expose a property for the private field checkedAutoCompleteBoxListElement in class CheckedDropDownAutoCompleteBoxElement. The ValueMember property is not taken under consideration when setting or getting the value.

RadCollapsiblePanel FIXED

Error when running the application on 125% DPI scaling on a WIndows 10 machine.

RadDataFilter NEW

One should be able to set a custom text for the field names.

RadDateTimePicker FIXED

The Value cannot be changed with the up/down arrow after ValueChanging event is canceled.

RadDesktopAlert FIXED

Desktop alert is scaled twice when showing the first time.

RadDiagram FIXED

RadDiagramShape.Tag property is not serialized at design time.


The close button does not work when DocumentTabsAlignment is set to bottom. The size of controls added to a DocumentWindows with all anchors set to Top | Left |Right | Bottom is increased when the designer is reopened.

RadDropDownList FIXED

ArgumentOutOfRangeException on MouseWheel in an empty drop down. The autocomplete drop down is not re-positioned when there is a large number of items.

RadGanttView FIXED

RowNotInTableException when clearing the DataSet in the DragDropService.Stopped event.

RadImageEditor NEW

Added ImageLoaded event to detect when an image is opened/loaded in the control.


ArgumentOutOfRangeException when you try to resize a large image.

RadListView FIXED

ArgumentException when calling BeginEdit after Begin/EndUpdate is used. NullReferenceException occurs when best-fitting the current column in the ItemChanged event in a Begin/EndUpdate block.

RadMaskedEditBox FIXED

Invalid value is returned when pasting and the previous value is null.

RadMultiColumnComboBox FIXED

Disable the selection when the DropDownStyle is set to DropDownList. Text is not selected only the first time you click the editable part. The auto filter does not work when the column name is different than the field name.

RadPivotGrid NEW

Allow specifying of each PropertyGroupDescription whether to be shown in the SubTotals for the corresponding RowGroupDescriptions/ColumnGroupDescriptions collection.


Incompatible aggregate functions for DateTime fields should be disabled in the pivot field list.

RadPropertyGrid FIXED

Editor jumps to another item when the validation fails and you try to scroll.

RadRangeSelector FIXED

Memory is not released when you recreate chart’s series and the RangeSelectorElement.InitializeElements is called.

RadRichTextBox NEW

RadRichTextEditor – add a PageBackColor property so one can change the BackColor with code.

RadRichTextEditor FIXED

After performing a selection of an HTML imported document the font changes unexpectedly on Windows 10 (1806). AutoInsertHyperlinks does not work, pasting hyperlink adds a new line. The word order is incorrect when pasting RTL text.

RadScheduler FIXED

Changing the ruler`s start and end scales results in cells with incorrect dates. Expose an API to show the EditAppointmentDialog as not modal. Horizontal scrollbar is displayed when you manipulate the ResourcesPerView property at run time. InvalidOperationException in the AppointmentElement class when trying to paint the recurrence icon in an application with multiple UI threads. The Cellformating event is not fired when the form starts. The month view element is incorrectly scrolled to DateTime.Now if there is an AccessibleInterval set to the control.

RadSpellChecker FIXED

The context menu with the suggestions is not scaled on HDPI.

RadSpinEditor FIXED

There is no bottom border when the controls is scalded and the Fluent theme is used.

RadSpreadsheet FIXED

Missing row index when scrolling with the mouse wheel.

RadTreeView NEW

Added functionality to specify a TypeConverter for the specified CheckedMember.


One cannot scroll to bottom on HDPI. Performance problem if the EnableRadAccessibilityObjects property is enabled when expanding a node and Narrator is running.


Issue with HTML-like formatting and the tag when passing the image path.

TPF Designtime Support NEW

RadForm – implement component in the designer of Visual Studio allowing easy conversion between RadForm, RadRibbonForm and the standard form.

PdfProcessing FIXED

Editing API does not apply some graphics properties to text fragments. IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when importing cross reference entries which are not on consequent rows. InvalidOperationException is thrown when exporting empty CidSet. FileFormatException is thrown while exporting document with specific font.

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