Telerik UI for WinForms R1 2019 SP1 (version 2019.1.219) Retail

Telerik UI for WinForms includes

more than 90 user interface controls you can use to fulfill the most demanding desktop or tablet application requirements. All-way customizable GridView, Form, Chart, Scheduler, RichTextBox and other essential controls enable you to build any Line of Business or Modern application in less time while staying under budget.

All Telerik Windows Forms controls come with full theme support. You can use any of the 19 included themes (Windows 8, Office 2013, Visual Studio 2012), or build new ones with the intuitive and unique Visual Style Builder tool. The built-in themes help you effortlessly deliver sleek and consistent, next-generation user experiences across your desktop and tablet applications.

Despite having animations and rich visual effects, Telerik UI for WinForms controls feature excellent performance aimed at helping developers like you improve your productivity and deliver better and faster applications in less time.
UI for WinForms enables easy development of complex, high-performing apps by:

Minimizing the amount of required repainting and layout rearrangements
Empowering all data controls with a data engine guaranteeing blazing-fast data loading and updates
Allowing you to exercise fine-grained control over the component's appearance and behavior using simple CSS-like syntax
Setting attractive defaults for controls supplied by the Telerik Presentation Framework
Providing easy integration with CAB and its underlying infrastructure
UI for WinForms R1 2019 SP1 (version 2019.1.219)

RadControl NEW

Provide a mechanism for specifying different images depending on the DPI settings. New static property in RadControl: EnableImageDpiScaling

RadBindingNavigator FIXED

The control does not work when its name is changed.

RadDiagram FIXED

Settings pane is not synchronized with the current shape.

RadDropDownList FIXED

Optimize RadDropDownList AutoCompleteSuggestHelper DefaultFilter operation to use StringComparison.
The editor height is changed when setting AutoCompleteMode in fluent theme.

RadGanttView FIXED

Incorrect timeline header when printing in TimeRange.Year.

RadGridView FIXED

Cursor lagging while typing in the filter cell (improve filtering performance).
Filter issue with Excel-like filtering in RadGridView after last Telerik update.
Performance of the header checkbox should be improved when toggled in a grid with many rows.
Provide API for clearing the text in the search text box.
The alternating row color is not updated when the row is moved from an even index to an odd one.
The sort icon overlaps the text when excel like filtering is enabled in the crystal and fluent and material themes.
The grid selection is broken when calling ResetBindings.

RadGroupBox FIXED

Shadow is still visible when control is hidden.

RadLayoutControl NEW

Expose API specifying whether items can be hidden or not.


The collapsed item container visibility is not synchronized properly.

RadListControl FIXED

The SelectedItemsChanged is fired twice when the same item is selected.

RadListView FIXED

Incorrect spacing between the first item inside a group and the rest of the items within the group.

RadMaskedEditBox FIXED

Unusual behaviour when using f0 mask.

RadMultiColumnComboBox FIXED

Filtering performance and cursor lagging.

RadPdfViewer NEW

Tab through the input fields.


Incorrect page export to an image with aspect ratio less than 1.

RadPivotGrid FIXED

No way to set a decimal step less than 1 for a DoubleGroup in the pivot field list control.

RadRibbonBar FIXED

The DialogButtonClicked event is not fired when there is not enought space and the items are in a popup.
RadDropDownList - RadDropDownListElement in RadRibbonBar and DescriptionTextListDataItem.

RadRichTextEditor FIXED

Button OK not being localized in all dialogs as well as paper size strings
RadRichTextEditor - ILMerge fails when merging the RadRichTextEditor and RadDiagram assemblies.
RadRichTextEditor - Paragraph properties dialog closes after TabStops properties dialog.

RadScheduler NEW

Minimum height for appointments in day and week view when EnableExactTimeRendering=true.

RadScrollablePanel FIXED

Design-Time bug with RadScrollablePanels and RadRadiobuttons.

RadSplitContainer FIXED

Inavalid spliter postion when dragging on HDPI.

RadSpreadsheet FIXED

Printing all sheets does not work.
System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException occurs when creating a form with a RadSpreadsheet and the Evaluation Copy message pops up.

RadVirtualGrid FIXED

Best-fitting a column by double click between the column headers breaks the VirtualGridAutoSizeColumnsMode.Fill.
CellValueNeeded event is not fired for the header and first row of the child template when the parent is collapsed and expanded again.

Theming FIXED

RadScrollablePanel - the back color of the panel is inconsistent in Windows 8 theme.

TPF Designtime Support FIXED

Editors do not respect the selected theme color inside Visual Studio 2017.