Telerik UI for JSP R2 2018 SP1 (2018.2.620) Commercial

Telerik UI for JSP includes a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) framework. It lets you write JSP code to generate widgets that seamlessly integrate with your server-side backend. With MVVM you can manage complex HTML and JavaScript UI with declarative bindings and two-way syncing between views and models. You don’t have to manually keep the view and model in sync; the MVVM framework does it for you.

Client and Server Pieces: Alone or Together
Telerik UI for JSP gives you complete control over the Web and DataViz widgets with complete server-side APIs. The simple API calls are designed to feel natural in server-side languages so you can configure all widget features. The server wrappers output the jР°vascript, which means you have full access to the client-side API for maximum control in the browser.

Seamless UX: Any Browser or Device
We hope that world with only HTML5-enabled browsers will someday become reality. In the meantime, however, you need tools that minimize the pain of supporting outdated browsers while still providing top performance. Telerik UI for JSP uses a variety of tactics to enable some HTML5 features in older browsers, and fine-tuned graceful degradation for others. It is designed to support all major browsers, including: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox ESR, Chrome, Safari 5+, and Opera 11+.

Complete Framework for Enterprise Apps
Telerik UI for JSP is a complete web development framework for building modern HTML5 applications. It includes a suite of 40+ jQuery-based UI widgets that come with JSP server wrappers, an MVVM framework, customizable themes, templates, and more. Build rich, modern enterprise-grade web applications in your preferred server-side language.

Responsive Design for Enterprise Apps
End-users are increasingly transitioning between laptops, tablets and smartphones. As a Java developer, this means that you must make sure that the websites and apps you build seamlessly adapt to accommodate a multitude of screens. “Responsive Web Design (RWD) is about being device agnostic and building flexible apps–with flexible UI–that look like they were tailor-made for every device. Telerik UI for JSP delivers a complete, responsive experience, bringing you the features you need to create responsive UI for your modern enterprise Java applications.

Ready for Touch – and Enterprise
Out-of-the-box, enterprise-ready Telerik UI for JSP is ready for touch. The 40+ UI widgets provide full support for touchscreen devices, such as the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Your Java application will function on a wide array of devices with varying input options. Even the drag and drop framework is touch-enabled, eliminating the need for you to duplicate code just to handle mouse and touchscreen inputs.

Pixel-Perfect Themes for Enterprise Apps
Telerik UI for JSP widgets support themes and styling via CSS. The framework includes 11 enterprise-ready out-of-the-box themes: Black, Blue Opal, Default, Metro, Metro Black, Silver, Bootrap, Uniform, High Contrast, Moonlight, and Flat UI. Our themes are created by our team of professional designers, so your enterprise applications are stunning by default. The themes combined with the rich functionality in all JSP UI widgets are the fastest way to build professional, intuitive interfaces without the need for CSS expertise. The themes also help you style normal HTML elements, like buttons and inputs, so all elements on your page look consistent. Just use the basic CSS class names included in Telerik UI for JSP and apply a professional CSS theme to your entire page.

UI Widgets With JSP Server Wrappers
Get all the richness and performance of HTML5 with the power of the server. The 70+ widgets in Telerik UI for JSP are jQuery-based and 40+ of them come with server-side wrappers. You can use JavaServer Pages (JSP) to build modern HTML5 web apps. Just use the wrappers as you code, and they’ll take care of rendering the HTML and j@vascript you need.

High-Performance JSP Enterprise Applications
Every aspect of Telerik UI for JSP has been built from the ground-up to deliver maximum performance in your enterprise application. Generating HTML and jаvascript from the lightning-fast JSP wrappers is only the beginning. With a lightweight, built-in templating library, and optimized animations that leverage CSS3 hardware acceleration (when available), Telerik UI for JSP ensures client-side UIs with peak performance.

UI for JSP R2 2018 SP1

All components NEW

Remove legacy css from dataviz styles


suite parameter of the widgetInstance method is mandatory in ts definitions k-ng-model does not update $dirty and $pristine when ng-form directive is used Inconsistency between custom formatting and standard formatting.


ComboBox clear value button simply resets the combo value to the initial k-ng-model value, when filter is configured Not working AngularJS two way databinding of RangeSlider

AutoComplete FIXED

Clear button is displayed when no item is selected

ButtonGroup NEW

Add iconClass setting


Erroneous calculation in card layout Messages displayed for wrong Chat user

ComboBox FIXED

Input text is not visible in Combobox in Flat theme Value clearing is not working in scenario with filter and virtualization Clear button is displayed when no item is selected ComboBox clear value button simply resets the combo value to the initial k-ng-model value, when filter is configured Cascading dropdowns tab focus fails

ContextMenu FIXED

ContextMenu close event fires multiple times

DataSource FIXED

DataSource throws an error when having nested property with null parent object

DatePicker FIXED

Setting “dateInput” option programmatically doesn’t work

Dialog FIXED

Dialog action callback function is called twice when triggered with Enter key

Draggable FIXED

Setting autoScroll does not work if the container is the body Chrome and Edge Draggable is not auto-scrolled on MS Edge if all of the area is not visible initially and there is a vertical scrollbar on the page.

Drawing FIXED

When exporting image to PDF with Drawing API an error occur if the mime type is not set correctly.

DropDownTree FIXED

DropDownTree items are available for removal with the X button when the widget is disabled Unexpected multiple selected nodes in single selection DropDownTree with filtering DropDownTree value on change event is not empty, when the event is triggered by clear button or Esc key

Editor FIXED

Incorrect return type void in typescript definitions for Editor’s encodedValue method Table cells in Editor are not resizable as of R2 2018 Scroll bar is not displayed on entering a new line in br tag mode (Chrome) JavaScript error is thrown on paste in Internet Explorer F10 hides the toolbar with inline mode Underline and BackColor Editor tools remove tags, although custom classes set to tags should prevent removal Empty tags remain after deleting the Editor’s content Pasting in inline elements trims br tags Editor messages configuration does not alter the dropdown tools tooltip Selected content in contentEditable=false elements is cleared on Ctrl+V Editor Insert Hyperlink dialog allows injecting script


Undesired view navigation on editing a task in the Gantt’s treelist when navigatable is set to true

Grid NEW

Add formatting functionality to the Tabular PDF export columns


Tabular PDF export not sizing date and number columns When Virtual scrolling is enabled, PopUp edit window closes on error even after DataBinding event is prevented The width of a Multiheader column is changed after reordering if the first column in the group is hidden. Not preserved columns width during column reordering if there is a hidden column. The Clear filter button fires the filter event multiple times in some scenarios Grid setDataSource method throws “e.fetch is not a function” error Aria-describedby attributes of Grid’s cells are not assocciated with the correspoding column header.


Radio button ‘checked’ binding do not work if you set value to null.


Having input in a sub menu item closes the popup on input focus in IE 11 on touch devices

MultiSelect NEW

Virtualized widget resets scroll position on deselect


Clear button is displayed when no item is selected Typing Polish accented “ą” character in the MultiSelect causes all items to get selected MultiSelect clear button is not rendered when items are selected programmatically Clearing the MultiSelect’s input does not clear the filter JAWS reader does not announce the label when a MultiSelect is wrapped by a label element MultiSelect: screen readers announce only one of the selected items

NumericTextBox FIXED

The NumericTextBox is making an AngularJS form dirty on keydown even if the value is not changed.

PDF Export NEW

Add formatting functionality to the Tabular PDF export columns


Tabular PDF export not sizing date and number columns

Radial Gauge NEW

Add pointer.length option

Scheduler FIXED

Scheduler does not parse properly the start and end dates in the eventTemplate when Date grouping is used in Month view Scheduler editor closes automatically on creating an event through the keyboard Resized event incorrectly displayed in Scheduler’s timelineWeek view (showWorkHours: true)

Slider FIXED

Browser’s dragging of the drag handles is not prevented Not working AngularJS two way databinding of RangeSlider

Sortable FIXED

autoScroll does not work if the container is the body Chrome and Edge

Splitter FIXED

Splitter remove method removes panes from other widget instances

Spreadsheet FIXED

Data is lost after Undo command Export button causes form submit

TimePicker FIXED

TimePicker doesn’t show value when re selecting after deleting.


An anchor in custom ToolBar item does not navigate on pressing Enter key

TreeView FIXED

Item does not expand when the item is filtered in loadOnDemand=”true” scenario Vertically not centered TreeView checkboxes Unexpected page scrolling on pressing Space, when a disabled TreeView node with checkboxes is focused

Upload FIXED

Async Upload Vue wrapper loses its reference in the this.$refs object after the first successful upload


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