Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core R3 2018 SP1 (v2018.3.1017) Retail

ASP.NET Core MVC is a complete rewrite of the .NET framework, delivering exciting changes and expanding the reach of .NET apps. Here’s some of what’s new:

.NET Core and Visual Studio Code enable you to develop and deploy apps on any OS—Windows, Linux or Mac
Tag Helpers provide easier views creation and UI definition
Nuget, Bower and Gulp package managers and automation tools boost your productivity
Unified MVC and Web API programming model simplifies development

As usual, we at Progress strive to deliver tools leveraging the latest technologies, so that your apps are always modern. This is why we were the first vendor to deliver official ASP.NET Core MVC support in their UI components. Read on to see how Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC leverages ASP.NET Core MVC features to speed up your development.

ASP.NET Core is now live and developers around the globe are highly excited to give it a spin. Now that it’s released, more and more developers are about to start new or to migrate existing apps onto it. This means the need for beautiful and high quality UI components that run on the new Microsoft framework is increasingly vital.

What’s new in the Kendo UI MVC wrappers for ASP.NET Core?

Tag Helpers—we are following the ASP.NET Core specification and we have included Tag Helpers for some of the popular components: NumericTextBox, Button, Window, DatePicker and TimePicker. We plan to add more tag helpers in the next releases, but it will be awesome if you share feedback on exactly which components you’d like to define and configure through Tag Helpers.
New VS template—You can now use the new Telerik template to quickly setup and create a project for ASP.NET Core.
GitHub Demo app—The demo app is now obsolete and will be replaced by a brand new demo app for ASP.NET Core in the R3’16 release.

Cross-Platform Development and UI for ASP.NET MVC

Probably the most significant feature of ASP.NET Core MVC is the introduction of the new light and modular .NET Core runtime, which is OS-neutral. For the first time in .NET history, you can build applications and deploy them on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX devices. And on top of all that, it’s an open source solution so it’s free!

UI for ASP.NET MVC fully supports the .NET Core runtime, and helps you build beautiful responsive web experiences crossing the boundaries of the Windows world.

Visual Studio Code and UI for ASP.NET MVC

With ASP.NET Core MVC comes Visual Studio Code, a lightweight version of Visual Studio that can be used across platforms—Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. It blends a rich UI code editor with code assistance and navigation, along with integrated debugging experience.

UI for ASP.NET MVC integrates naturally with Visual Studio Code, making ASP.NET Core MVC app development a breeze on any platform.

Tag Helpers and UI for ASP.NET MVC

Tag Helpers are the new HTML-friendly way to create views and define UI in ASP.NET MVC applications. They are recommended as the better alternative to traditional MVC HTML helpers, while still allowing you to extend the elements with server MVC functionality. Tag Helpers are also much more “understandable” to front end developers and designers.

We are proud to announce that Telerik Tag Helpers are now available as part of our UI for ASP.NET MVC and include six of the most popular Kendo UI widgets: DatePicker, TimePicker, DataTimePicker, Button, Window and NumericTextBox.

Nuget, Bower and UI for ASP.NET MVC
Nuget and Bower

Popular package management and task automation solutions such as NuGet, Bower and Gulp are made first class citizens in ASP.NET Core MVC. That means every web developer can use Bower for client packages, NuGet for server packages and Grunt/Gulp for compilation, minification, etc., when building web apps.

UI for ASP.NET MVC takes advantage of these tools by providing a Bower feed for its client scripts, and a NuGet feed, hosted on our NuGet server, for its server wrappers implementation (see this help topic for details). Furthermore, you can build a custom script from the source using Grunt by following these steps.

Unified MVC and Web API Programming Model and UI for ASP.NET MVC

A prominent change in ASP.NET Core MVC is the unification and combination of MVC, Web API and Web Pages in a single programming model, which removes the overlap between the three separate frameworks. Moreover, the MVC and Web API controllers use the same Controller base class and routes.

The Telerik MVC product leverages this merge, which simplifies the development and streamlines the usage of MVC Web API architecture in .NET projects.

UI for ASP.NET Core R3 2018 SP1

Scheduler FIXED

Item can not be selected when using span or div element in template in ComboBox, AutoComplete and DropDownList Change event is not triggered for events crossing the week in Month view Missing recurring Scheduler events in the beginning of a view

ToolBar NEW

Add item to ToolBar click and toggle event handler arguments


TreeMap renders tiles for items with value 0

Grid NEW

Grid with details should notify the users of the Expand/Collapse functionality Grouping and ungrouping Grid keyboard support


Command with template throws an error when command.visible handler is added Groups in Grid with endless scrolling get replicated in some scenarios Navigatable Grid cannot be sorted or filtered with tap Cancel changes remove rows from endless scrolling Grid Sort styles are not applied correctly with multi-column headers Resize method cause misalignment of Grid with locked columns persistSelection does not work when the model is external to the data source Clicking on a Checkbox in Batch Editing exits Edit Mode Detail template is cleared when new page with Endless scrolling is rendered Grid with endless scrolling is appending the same data multiple time after read FilterMenu remains open in Navigatable Detail Grid Reordering/locking multi-column headers are not changing the header/table data columns.hidden not hiding header in a Grid initialized from a table PageSize “all” does not work correctly with the Grid’s Excel export Grid cell closes in Safari on Mac when non-input element is clicked Grid filter menu icon missing title attribute in multi select Up arrow click navigates to child Grid header instead of the parent header cell when navigable option is enabled Grid popup editor window is not opened on correct position lockColumn() method not working as expected in multi-column headers scenario Media functionality throws Javascript error when resizing window after destroying the Grid

MultiSelect FIXED

Not triggered change event when a selected item is deleted through MultiSelect’s clear button and then selected again Enter does not deselect selected item in MultiSelect…).done is not a function error is thrown when delete the second selected item after filtering Keyboard navigation does not work as expected with virtualized MultiSelect MultiSelect tokens and token list use invalid attributes

MultiColumnComboBox FIXED

MultiColumnComboBox item selection does not work on mobile devices Clear button is not visible on hover with Metro theme

TreeView FIXED

Decreased performance of toggling TreeView checkboxes with checkChildren true

Wrappers (ASP.NET Core): ContextMenu NEW

Add ContextMenu Tag helper

DatePicker FIXED

The current month cannot be reselected using the keyboard navigation

Wrappers (ASP.NET Core): Chart FIXED

It is not possible to set Margin for Donut series in ASP.NET Core Chart ASP.NET Core Chart wrapper generates wrong JavaScript setting for categoryAxis.categories array

Upload NEW

Add a RelativePath field for the meta of the Uploaded files for Kendo Upload

Editor FIXED

Menu items stripped of classes when the widget is nested in Editor Cannot focus and type in ComboBoxes added to the toolbar (resizable: true)


Use unselectable instead of invalid deselectable attribute

FilterMenu FIXED

FilterMenu remains open in Navigatable Detail Grid

Spreadsheet FIXED

Spreadsheet’s sheet data source cannot be set with ref attribute Incorrect behavior on clicking Spreadsheet’s Increase/Decrease decimal buttons for formula results Typing Korean/Chinese does not set Spreadsheet cell in edit mode An excel file with filters in not properly imported into the Spreadsheet – the filters are not applied Displaced Sort buttons inside Spreadsheet sort and filter menu in Fiori and Office365

Window FIXED

Maximizing the Window with the Sass themes does not fill up the screen

ComboBox NEW

Add configuration option for cascade parent field to get value from


Item can not be selected when using span or div element in template in ComboBox, AutoComplete and DropDownList ComboBox with virtualization and cascadeFrom is initially triggering 2 requests to the valueMapper Item is re-selected in ComboBox when clearing with backspace ComboBox change event fires twice on entering text and tabbing out Clear button is not visible on hover with Metro theme

Wrappers (ASP.NET Core): MaskedTextBox FIXED

Client side data-* attributes not rendered on input element Invalid regular expression error thrown if MaskedTextBox wrapper property PromptChar is set to *, ( or )

ButtonGroup NEW

TypeScript definition for ButtonGroup is missing ‘selectedIndices’

Notification NEW

Append static Notifications to multiple containers

DropDownList NEW

Add configuration option for cascade parent field to get value from


Item can not be selected when using span or div element in template in ComboBox, AutoComplete and DropDownList

Wrappers (ASP.NET Core): Grid FIXED

Row not Removed from Grid on Cancel when Server Grouping is enabled


Menu popup is not shown on hover with Chrome and Firefox on touch devices Menu sub-menu does not open on hover in IE and Edge with jQuery 1.10.2

TreeList FIXED

Defining class in columns.headerAttributes overrides the k-header class columns.headerAttributes is ignored when using multi column headers The uid of treelist items is not updated after refreshing the pager TreeList incell editing breaks after a column is hidden TreeList command column columns.attributes class is removed Clicking on expand/collapse icon selects the row Column resizing does not work in RTL mode Custom Command Button in TreeList is Replaced with Edit Command Buttons in Edit Mode PageSize “all” does not work correctly with the Treelist’s Excel export TreeList context menu stops working correctly after using setDataSource on the TreeList

NumericTextBox FIXED

Incorrect value is applied to NumericTextBox with German culture

ContextMenu FIXED

Menu sub-menu does not open on hover in IE and Edge with jQuery 1.10.2


Map click event does not return the e.location argument correctly

Wrappers (ASP.NET Core): Upload NEW

Allow setting initial files from the model in Upload taghelper

DataSource NEW

isnullorempty and isnotnullorempty do not work with OData


TypeScript definition for DataSourceTransportRead should allow string type

All components FIXED

The typing definitions in the NPM @progress/kendo-ui package do not contain the changes introduced with R3 2018 Android 9 not detected as Android OS by ASP.NET Core Grid wrapper does not find editor templates if Dynamic View Location is applied

Wrappers (ASP.NET Core): TabStrip FIXED

Cannot disable the animation for TabStrip TagHelper


PageSize “all” does not work correctly with the Grid’s Excel export KendoPager is not responsive on Internet Explorer 10

Globalization FIXED

Incorrect value is applied to NumericTextBox with German culture

AutoComplete FIXED

Item can not be selected when using span or div element in template in ComboBox, AutoComplete and DropDownList

Sortable FIXED

Filtered items can be sorted when `axis` is set

Wrappers (ASP.NET Core): PanelBar NEW

Add possibility custom attributes to be added to panelbar-item taghelper

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