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JustTrace is the easy to use memory and performance profiler tool by Telerik. JustTrace helps you profile .NET code, detect and resolve memory leaks, and optimize memory usage for applications in C# or any other .NET language. The rich information, context help, graphs and tables make it easy to understand the data at a glance and resolve the issue fast. For optimal performance and memory usage, JustTrace is a must for all your .NET applications.

JustTrace aims to redefine fast memory and performance profiling. It adds minimal overhead to the profiled application, allows near seamless execution, and enables analysis-in-place, thus eliminating the need to move the application from its environment. The user can examine different stages of the application’s behavior by swiftly taking multiple snapshots throughout its lifetime.

Profiling of Already Running Processes
JustTrace allows for unobtrusive attaching to live processes. Should an application start experiencing higher memory or CPU consumption, analysis on its state gives the opportunity to handle scenarios that are otherwise hard to reproduce.

Stand-alone Tool and Seamless Visual Studio Integration
JustTrace offers seamless integration with Visual Studio and can also be used as a stand-alone tool. The integration of JustTrace into Visual Studio’s UI removes a burdensome step by cutting the time needed to jump between the development environment and the tool to test the resulting memory and CPU utilization improvements. Simply modify the code, then run it through the Visual Studio UI and get JustTrace’s core capabilities in a single tool window.

2-in-1 Profiler

The JustTrace two-in-one profiler includes both a memory and performance profiler. The performance profiler comes in two types – sampling and tracing.

JustTrace enables you to:

optimize your app’s performance
reduce memory usage
fix memory leaks
comprehend both the performance and memory profile of your app

JustTrace now supports performance profiling of mixed mode .NET and native applications. Get complete coverage in one simple to use, yet powerful tool, all at an affordable price.

Seamless Visual Studio Integration
Not only does the JustTrace UI seamlessly blend with Visual Studio, JustTrace runs as a Visual Studio extension in a separate process. Working out-of-process, JustTrace can profile heavier applications even on 32-bit Windows machines without affecting VS memory consumption.

Enhanced User Experience
The JustTrace friendly UX, intuitive work-flow and rich data visualization help you easily optimize your apps, track down and remove memory leaks and performance issues. The easy-to-use session setup gets started with JustTrace in no time. The clean UI makes navigation and work-flow intuitive and fast. The improved In-Session experience will guide your profiling every step of the way.

Profiles Multiple Application Types
JustTrace supports profiling of multiple application types including:

ASP.NET(IIS, IIS Express and WebDev)
WPF and WPF Browser
Winforms, Silverlight, and Windows 8 (Windows Store)
Windows Service
Azure (DevFabric)
Mixed mode .NET and native (including C++) apps (performance profiling only)

JustTrace is fully compatible with Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013. It profiles web sites, web services and other .NET components deployed on a local IIS server. JustTrace supports IIS7 and IIS8. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are all supported.

Source-Level Profiling
Profiling comes naturally with source-level profiling in JustTrace. Performance profiling of the source code on a line level makes profiling data much easier to understand. JustTrace shows the performance data straight in your code.

Timeline UI Control
The timeline UI control provides for:

Rich information
more context
full control for your snapshots

Your snapshots are organized, searchable and more actionable. The timeline control allows for easy visualization and comparison between snapshots.

Information-Rich Visualization
JustTrace boasts a number of distinct snapshot views enabling a bird-eye view of critical memory and performance metrics. During the profiling session, the performance data is collected on-the-fly and can be examined in the snapshot views. Once the snapshot is taken, you can analyze the data, identify bottlenecks and memory leaks and devise an action plan for removing obstacles to optimal performance and memory usage.

Attach to Started Process
Sometimes you do not have control when a process starts, but you need the profile it right from the moment it sets off. The ‘Next Application’ will profile the next process that matches your criteria.

Snapshot Comparison
Snapshot comparisons allow you to track the identity of objects between snapshots and performance changes and present instance-level and performance scenarios comparison. The memory profiler shows two important statistics – the age of an instance or how many Garbage Collections it has survived and whether the object is New, Surviving or Collected. By comparing performance snapshots you can easily track performance changes and key performance metrics. Compare snapshots from different program runs to choose the better scenario or verify that a certain optimization technique has produced the expected results.

Profiler Analyses
The smart profiler analyses quickly locate and show you the root causes of memory or performance issues. If your app has a memory leak, you can use the WPF Leaks or the Disposed Objects views to analyze different technologies like XAML and ASP.NET.

If your app is experiencing a performance issue, the Bottlenecks view pinpoints which methods significantly reduce performance and helps you best optimize your app.

The EventHandler analysis makes it easy to detect common memory leaks that significantly impact your app’s memory consumption.

JustTrace Q2 2015 (version 2015.2.616.3)

Version 2015.2.616.3 FIXED

Fixed: Cannot create tracing performance session with NpgSQL