SwagBella 2.0

SwagBella takes the pain out of testing REST services. Create performance tests and functional test cases with SwagBella. It has a modern user interface. It supports HTTP GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS, HEAD requests. You can also save http requests, reload and re-run them anytime you wish. It automatically detects JSON and XML responses and displays it with a beautiful syntax highlighter.

WcfStorm.Rest Features
Organize functional tests into projects
Line-by-line comparison of actual and expected responses
Add additional custom validations (like regex validation) apart from the exact match comparison between the actual and expected responses.
Multiple-tab support
Save HTTP requests to a file
Load saved HTTP requests.
Supports Basic Authentication
Supports X509 Certificates
Configurable default HTTP Headers
Automatic sending of cookies
Create/Delete/Edit cookies
Configurable HTTP Parameters
Supports web proxy
Support for custom Http Headers
Syntax highlighting for XML Requests/Responses
Syntax highlighting for JSON Requests/Responses
Intellisense and syntax highlighting for HTTP Headers
Auto-plotting of response time
Support for excluding some http headers during the functional test validation. The list of ignored headers are maintained in the ‘HeadersNotValidated’ config setting
Functional Testing
Support for creating and managing test cases
Built-in comparison of actual and expected responses
Line-by-line diff comparison of responses
Support for custom validations
Creation of PDF test reports : sample
Reports can be generated per test or for the whole test suite
Performance Testing
Configurable test parameters (# Virtual users, rampup, etc.)
high performance, real-time plot of performance profile
Export plot to image
Creation of PDF test reports : sample
Scripting support (IronPython)
(Note: better support in beta -version) email inquiries@wcfstorm.com to request the beta version

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