Sub System TE Edit Control for .NET C#/WinForm/WPF/ASP.NET v26.0.0.4 Retail

TE Edit control is a feature-rich, robust, and time-tested RTF editor component. This advanced RTF component is available for Html/Javascript, .NET, Win32 (DLL and ActiveX), Win64 and Java environments. The .NET product is written completely using managed C# code with no dependence of a Win32 assembly. The Win32 and .Net products are available with complete DLL source.

TE Edit Control for Javascript/HTML is a pure Javascript/Html code based editor, thus works within the browser secure environment.

TE Edit Control component for .NET is a Windows Form component, but it also includes an ASP.NET wrapper to be used in a server or a client application. Similarly, TE Edit Control component for Win32 can be used in a desktop application, as well as in a web application.

TE Edit Control component for Java is compatible with Java Standard Edition 6.0 or later. Similar to the Win32 and the .NET version of TE Edit Control component, it also includes an ASP.NET wrapper to be used in a server/client Internet applications.

Lists and Bullets
Multilevel bullets and lists.
Unlimited bullet symbols.
Bullet font and color control.
List override control.
Numerous list formats.

Simple & complex tables
Cell splitting and merging.
Nested tables.
Vertical text in table cell.
Floating tables and text around the table.
Repeating table headers.

ASP.NET Inteface
Drop TE Control component into your
ASP.NET application to edit original RTF data.
True RTF Editing. No HTML/RTF
conversion needed.

Text around picture
Floating or embedded pictures.
Positionable text boxes and drawing objects.
Object Z-order control.
Shape grouping support.

Mail-merge and Hyperlink
Populate and print
mail-merge fields.
Printing without creating the text control.
APIs to support repeating fields.
Flexible hyperlink fields.

Document features
Tracking changes.
Stylesheet support.
Footnotes and Endnotes.
Input and checkbox fields.

Multi-section Documents
Newspaper style columns.
Multiple page orientations within a document.
Multiple paper sizes within a document.
Header/Footer at section level.
Page border and alignment.

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