Stackify Prefix 3.0.28

Find a bug, you’re a hero!
Use Prefix every day while you are writing and testing your code.

Validate the behavior of your code
Find hidden exceptions in your code
Identify slow SQL queries and N+1 problems
Review the performance of your code

View Your Logs by Request
Stop sorting through messy log files. See the exact log messages for a single web request.

Find Hidden Exceptions
Prefix can instantly show you all the exceptions hidden in your code.

Quickly Spot Suspicious Behaviors
People see things with Prefix they never expected. Why does that web request do 38 database calls?

View SQL Queries
Including SQL parameters, affected records and how long it took to download the result set.

Lightweight web request profiler

Used during development
View details of individual web requests
Code improvement suggestions
Save and load old traces
View traces on remote servers that have Retrace installed
Compare production to servers in production

Why Stackify?
Our goal is simple. To provide an awesome set of tools to help developers improve and monitor the performance of their applications. Below are some of the key problems that we can help with.

We want to help developers
Most application monitoring solutions are designed for IT operations. We decided to build a product with developers in mind. Developers love our APM solution because it combines application logging and code profiling together.

Our products are affordable
We want to help companies of all sizes, not just the large enterprises. Many APM solutions are over $200 a month per server. Why pay more to monitor your server than your server costs? Retrace is an affordable alternative to expensive products like New Relic, AppDynamics, Dynatrace and others.

Retrace combines several tools in one
Our goal is to provide all the tools you need to troubleshoot application problems in one place. We started Stackify because we hated using 5+ tools. Retrace combines code level performance profiling, centralized application logging, error tracking, application metrics, server monitoring, and more.

Your application has performance problems
You are in the right place. After a few minutes of installing Retrace you can quickly identify bottlenecks in the performance of your applications. Our proprietary App Score will help guide you as you make improvements.

Troubleshooting production problems takes too long
Your developers can troubleshoot issues pretty quickly if they have access to view their logs and do some performance profiling. Guess what? That is what Stackify Retrace does. We help developers quickly troubleshoot issues.

You are moving to the cloud
Things like Azure App Services, serverless apps and Platform as a Service (PaaS) require a completely different kind of approach to monitoring. Stackify can help you monitor your applications and the dynamically changing infrastructure that they run on.

You want to ship code faster and more often
Deploying a new version of your code is stressful. The combination of Prefix and Retrace can help you identify problems before you push code to production. Our deep performance monitoring and error tracking will help you instantly spot performance issues after a production deployment. If you want to go fast and break things, we can help you break fewer things.

Software development is “shifting left” to DevOps & SRE
Developers are now more responsible for deployments and production monitoring than ever before. Our goal is to provide the perfect product for teams that embrace DevOps or site reliability engineering practices.

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