SMWord v1.38 Full Source Tokyo

TMSWordDocument () allows to read any Word document directly without OLE automation of MS Word application. MS Word installed is not required at all.
TMSWordXDocument is a parser for MS Word 2007/2010 documents. This is a native parser and no external libraries required.
TWordPerfectFile allows to read any Word Perfect (Corel Office) document (without any external library too) with all formattings (fonts/colors/alignments etc).

TWRIFile allows to read any MS Write document and extract plain text and all formattings.
TOpenOfficeTextDocument, TOpenOfficeSpreadsheet, TOpenOfficePresentation allows to parse the files from Open Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations
TSMPDFReader allows to parse any Acrobat Reader documents and extract the text.
TPalmDocFile and TFictionBook allows to read the text from ebook formats (PalmDoc and FB2).
Direct text extraction allow to process large documents very-very fast. Summary Information is available too.
You may use this component to provide a search engine – for example, find document where some substring is occured or to display summary information and text preview in own file manager.

Complex documents (fast-saved, multi-piece files) are supported.
Localized MS Word versions are supported too – German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italic, Danish, Swedish, Cyrillic (Russian, Ukrainian etc), Hebrew and others

Documents from files or streams (BLOB, archive, memory etc) could be parsed for plain text…

Additionally the parsers for Word Perfect and MS Write could convert the original document to html-file or rtf-file.

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