ServiceStackVS 1.0.44

ServiceStackVS is ServiceStack’s official VS.NET Extension containing the most popular starting templates for ServiceStack powered solutions. Each project template supports ServiceStack’s recommended multi-project structure promoting a clean architecture and Web Services best practices.

Project templates in this extension include:

Angular 5 App
Angular 4 App
Aurelia App
React App
React Desktop Apps
Vue App
ServiceStack ASP.NET AngularJS 1.5
ServiceStack ASP.NET Empty
ServiceStack ASP.NET MVC4 & MVC5
ServiceStack ASP.NET with AngularJS
ServiceStack ASP.NET with Bootstrap
ServiceStack ASP.NET Templates with Bootstrap
ServiceStack ASP.NET with Razor
ServiceStack Self Host Empty
ServiceStack Self Host with Razor
ServiceStack Windows Service Empty

Single Page App Templates
Our goal with our Webpack-powered Single Page App VS.NET templates is to provide access to the best tooling and development experience whilst keeping complexity and required knowledge to an absolute minimum, as such we’re constantly researching how we can simplify our SPA templates, using the least moving parts and pick technologies that work seamlessly together whilst offering maximum value for minimal complexity. As the best SPA tooling mandates an npm-based workflow this is a delicate balance of trade-offs as the number of 3rd party JS components, tools, transpilers, scripts and plugins required for building on a modern SPA JS framework can quickly explode – something we actively fight hard against that influences each aspect of our default templates.

Benefits of TypeScript
Centering around TypeScript enables a lot of benefits in both a modern Type Safe language as well as access to the latest JS features whilst being able to target downstream ES5 browsers for broad compatibility. TypeScript is expertly designed and actively developed with frequent releases where new features added are backwards-compatible, intuitive and work well with existing features. Being encapsulated within a single tool means new features doesn’t introduce new complexity, i.e. there’s no additional config files to learn and little possibility that new TypeScript releases will break existing Apps.

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