ServiceStack.Text 5.4

ServiceStack.Text .NET’s missing high-performance utility belt. Deep inside all of ServiceStack’s premium libraries lies a high-performance core containing all of ServiceStack’s super text powers. Centered around .NET’s fastest full-featured JSON Serializer is a convenient utility belt containing 100’s of extensions enhancing .NET’s built-in String, Stream, Bytes, List, Dictionary, Reflection, Task, WebRequest types and more.

ServiceStack.Text is an independent, dependency-free serialization library containing ServiceStack’s core high-performance utils and text processing functionality, including:

JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers
AutoMapping Utils
HTTP Utils
Dump Utils
Fast Reflection Utils
Several String Extensions, Collection extensions, Reflection Utils and lots more.

Write this GitHub organization repository info out to a .csv spreadsheet:

HTTP Utils – DRY, intuitive, convenience API’s around .NET’s WebRequest
JSON Serializer
Print() String extension
Dump Utils – recursive, pretty-format dump of any C# POCOs
MapAbsolutePath() String extension
CSV Serializer
View new .csv in spreadsheet viewer

JS Utils
ServiceStack.Text APIs for deserializing arbitrary JSON requires specifying the the Type to deserialize into. An alternative flexible approach to read any arbitrary JavaScript or JSON data structures is to use the high-performance and memory efficient JSON utils in ServiceStack Templates implementation of JavaScript.

Since JS Utils is an essential part of ServiceStack Template language it allows for advanced scenarios like implementing a text DSL or scripting language for executing custom logic or business rules you want to be able to change without having to compile or redeploy your App.

ServiceStack’s JsonSerializer
ServiceStack’s JsonSerializer is optimized for serializing C# POCO types in and out of JSON as fast, compact and cleanly as possible. In most cases C# objects serializes as you would expect them to without added json extensions or serializer-specific artefacts.

JsonSerializer provides a simple API that allows you to serialize any .NET generic or runtime type into a string, TextWriter/TextReader or Stream.

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