RadiantQ JQuery Gantt Package v7.5

jQuery Gantt Package is a truly cross-platform, native HTML5/jQuery based implementation with 2 distinct gantt widgets for all your gantt based visualization needs. Also comes with a ASP.NET WebControl and as an MVC extension for easy integration in your existing apps.

Use the Project Gantt for visualizing a hierarchical list of tasks with built in support for scheduling, dependencies, etc.
Use the Resource Gantt for implementing a Resource Utilization view.
A familiar jQuery based API makes it very easy to adopt in your applications.
Can be used seamlessly with popular jQuery patterns and practices like KnockOut (KO), etc.

Deployed in Multitudes of Verticals
No matter what domain your application is, the gantt is an ideal visualization tool for your time-based information, including for building scheduling views in domains like Software Development, Construction, Drilling, Transportation, Production Planning, Machine Shifts, Server Maintenance, etc.

Works in all Platforms and with all Patterns
The Gantt components have specific wrappers for Angular, Angular JS and Require. Also compatible with all other popular JS frameworks like Bootstrap, KnockOut, Backbone, etc.Our SDK comes with an ASP.NET WebControl and as an MVC and PHP extension, and also with TypeScript interfaces.

Project Planning
Build a very intuitive and professional looking MS Project like Project Scheduling UI with all the must have features you will need:

Project Level, Resource Level and Task Level Schedules/Calendars with support for specific Working Hours Per day, Weekends and HolidaysMultiple Resource Assignment Support with Effort Driven or Fixed Duration modes; Including Resource LevelingInteractive Task and progress bars, Dependency lines with lags, Critical Paths and Recurring tasks.Additional Views like Resource Load Graph Views, Tasks by Resources View and Task Detail View.Feature Rich, Editable, Hierarchical Task List visualization in an API rich Grid View.Export to MS Project and selective Import from MS Project.Built-in Undo/Redo support.

And a whole set of features to make your gantt pretty and users happy:

Several Built-in, Auto-Zooming, Auto-Hiding Time line headers (Minutes to Years) including support for custom headersFully templatized look and feel; including several built in ThemesBrowse-to-task cues to quickly browse to a task that’s out of viewHighlight times or regions of interest in the gantt timelineBuilt-in customizable Context Menus and Read-Only Modes.Extensive Print options for developers and end-users.

Resource Management and Utilization Views
Be it a person, place or machine, build Resource Gantt views to visualize how your Resources are utilized, assign tasks and efficiently manage.

Visualize a hierarchy of Resources like Products/Teams/Employees or Factories/Machines/ShiftsSee all tasks assigned to a resource in the same row with ability to move/resize them and even move them across resources.Highlight Overlapping tasks to indicate overloadCustomize task bar look and feel based on dataCollapse tasks into a summary row.

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