Radiant Shapes 1.1.3

Radiant Shapes is also part of the free Berlin Bonus Pack. This FireMonkey component library contains 35 reusable shape controls, suitable for all facets of FMX UI development—from style composition and button adornment, to data visualization and dashboard design. Each control has been designed for optimal performance and flexibility, along with close attention to detail—which is the hallmark of Raize Software products. Radiant Shapes is a core library that every FMX developer should have in their toolbox.

Radiant Shapes provides a lot of great functionality – well beyond the collection of shapes that are available out-of-the-box with RAD Studio. When you download the shapes pack, you’ll find that it includes a large collection of shape controls with more than 30 designers, giving you quick access to an extensive array of shape customizations. Each Radiant Shape control has full support on all FireMonkey platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android). For example, with the line shape control, you can quickly add arrows, adjust line slope, and more – using the right-click menu.

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