Programino IDE for Arduino v1.6.0.0 Business/Private License

is an alternative easy-to-use IDE for Arduino, Genuino and compatible microcontroller boards. Programino IDE for Arduino is made for “Maker” and “Professionals”. The easy-to-use editor, the various available tools and the HTML5-Editor for Arduino IoT applications make it easy to program your project idea quickly.

Programino is an alternative comfortable and easy-to-use IDE for the Arduino/Genuino or or compatible microcontroller boards.

PROGRAMINO supports the following coding languages and files
Arduino/Genuino (preferred language), C, C++, C Header, HTML & HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, Text-Files.
For all these languages is also syntax highlighting & code autocomplete supported.

Custom Syntax-Highlighting and Syntax-Style
Customize your IDE and share the style with other users. Programino has a import/export function for schemes.
Programino supports dynamic syntax highlighting for user-variables.

Code Autocompletion, Snippets and Information “hints”
This feature makes coding fast and easy.
Frequently used commands can be accessed via snippets.
General information (Hints) about the commands help you for faster programming.

Code Folding
Code folding makes it more manageable.
With a button in the toolbar, can all be folded or unfolded.
It is also possible folding individual areas.

So you can quickly find often used code sections (also between different files).

Hex-File Extraction for Production
Extract and stores the HexFile.
This Hex-File can be transferred with AVRDUDE or other Arduino bootloader tool on a board with a Arduino bootloader.

Hardware Viewer
So you always have an overview of your Arduino and Genuino boards when programming.

2x UART-Terminals
With the terminal you can communicate with the Arduino and Genuino boards.
Baudrate between 300 and 250.000 Baud.
Representation of the values in ASCII, HEX, BYTE and BIN.
Open a serial terminal log file.
Save a serial terminal log file.
#Home, #Save, #Clear – commands to control the terminal similar as a VT100 terminal.

Export Function to Arduino IDE
For boards that are not yet supported, you can use the export function.
This feature is ideal for Arduino IDE versions that no command line support function have.
Ideal for older Arduino projects (Arduino IDE less 1.6 and *.pde files).

Use all Arduino libraries
Programino automatically matches the installed Arduino libraries.
Install a new library with the original Arduino IDE (this is then available in the Programino IDE).
Use all Arduino libraries such as (ESP8266, Controllino, Intel Curie – Genuino 101, MPU6050, ARM boards, SHT11, eHajo boards ect.)

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