Gibraltar VistaDB

Gibraltar VistaDB | 31 Mb

VistaDB is the only .Net embedded database that allows you to Xcopy a single DLL for both 32 and 64 bit runtime support.  Want ClickOnce deployment for your .Net application?  VistaDB requires zero config on the client.  No more worries about COM deployment for the database engine!  Even our database files are built for ease of deployment – a single database file with no external logs or complex permissions.

Berg Soft NextSuite6 5.2016 (VCL) D7-D10.1 Full Source Retail DC19052016

Berg Soft NextSuite6 5.2016 (VCL) D7-D10.1 Full Source Retail DC19052016 | 4 Mb

NextGrid is a powerful Delphi/CBuilder Grid. It is very easy to use it in design-time (with using intuitive Columns Editor) and in run-time. NextGrid have much more features than standard Grid, attractive look (Windows Vista & XP themes support), it is extremely fast (quick sorting, data manipulation, drawing…).

nrComm Lib Pro 9.44 Full Source Retail

nrComm Lib Pro 9.44 Full Source Retail | 21 Mb

The nrComm Lib is set of Delphi VCL components, classes and routines for serial communication tasks. Library helps to get access to various devices: serial port, data and voice modems, barcode scanners, Human Interface Devices (HID), Bluetooth, USB, LPT, GSM, GPS and others. It provides solution for quick implementation almost any packet data protocol. It can work with sound and speech. Library allows send SMS messages over connected mobile phone (GSM terminal) and much more.

DIXml 5.9.0 for D6-XE10.1

DIXml 5.9.0 for D6-XE10.1 | 11 Mb

DIXml is an embedded XML, XSLT, and EXSLT processing library for Delphi (Embarcadero / CodeGear / Borland). It is build on the libxml2, libxslt and libexslt libraries. However, DIXml requires no DLLs or any other external files whatsoever. All required code is compiled completely into the application’s executable. DIXml is the most feature-complete XML and XSLT solution for Delphi.

CodeTrigger Code Generation For C#, WPF, WCF, SQL SERVER/ORACLE/MYSQL and VS2010-2015

CodeTrigger Code Generation For C#, WPF, WCF, SQL SERVER/ORACLE/MYSQL and VS2010-2015 | 37 Mb

Designed to work with SQL Server 2005+, Oracle 10g/11g, MySQL 5.5+ importing pre-defined database schemas and modelling the relations in your multi-tier WPF/WCF/Winforms/Web application, thereby leaving your team free to concentrate on higher level domain technicalities. With one click on the ‘Shoot’ button, generate SQL Server Stored Procedures, Data Layer classes, Business Domain classes, and WCF Interfaces, along with relevant WPF, Winforms, sample code to get you started.

Database .NET Plus 18.4.5981.2

Database .NET Plus 18.4.5981.2 | 12 Mb

Database .NET is a simple and intuitive database management tool for multiple databases, making local and remote database administration easier. With it you can Create databases, Design tables, Edit data, Export data, Generate scripts and run SQL queries. Create, Shrink, Protect Database. Export to CSV/XML/TXT/XLS/SQL. Syntax Highlighting. Table Editor.

PremiumSoft Navicat Premium Essentials v11.2.9

PremiumSoft Navicat Premium Essentials v11.2.9 | 56 Mb

Navicat Essentials is a compact version of Navicat which provides the basic and necessary features you will need to perform simple database administration. It supports the latest features, including Triggers, Functions, Views, and also comes with an Import/Export tool which allows data conversion from plain text formats such as TXT, CSV, and XML. It can also connect you to local/remote servers, providing several utilities such as SQL editors, import/export, and dump/execute SQL scripts, all of which help facilitate data maintenance.

PremiumSoft Navicat Premium Edition v11.2.9

PremiumSoft Navicat Premium Edition v11.2.9 | 68 Mb

Navicat Premium is a database administration tool that allows you to simultaneously connect to MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases from a single application. Navicat Premium combines functions of other Navicat products and supports most of the features used in modern database management systems, such as Stored Procedures, Events, Triggers, Functions, Views, etc.

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