DevExpress Components for .Net

DevExpress Components for .Net | 309 Mb

From interactive Desktop applications, to immersive Web and Mobile solutions, tools to meet your needs today and ensure your continued success tomorrow.  With over 120 optimized controls and libraries, the DevExpress WinForms Subscription helps you deliver compelling, easy-to-use business solutions fast. Emulate the look, feel and capabilities of Microsoft Office or replicate the dock based UI of Visual Studio or Adobe Photoshop and take your WinForms applications to an entirely new level with familiar features end-users have come to rely upon. It’s everything you need to build your best in one integrated suite.

Microsoft Research Detours Pro 3.0.316

Microsoft Research Detours Pro 3.0.316 | 193 kB

Software package for re-routing Win32 APIs underneath applications. Under commercial release for over 10 years, Detours is licensed by over 100 ISVs and used within nearly every product team at Microsoft. Microsoft Research Detours v3 Professional is a library for instrumenting arbitrary Win32 functions on x86, x64, and IA64 machines. Now you can intercept Win32 functions by re-writing the in-memory code for target functions.

/n Software IP Works! Encrypt 9.0.5849 .NET/Xamarin/Delphi/C++ Builder

/n Software IP Works! Encrypt 9.0.5849 .NET/Xamarin/Delphi/C++ Builder | 21 Mb

IP*Works! Encrypt is a comprehensive suite of components for implementing strong encryption via major cryptographic standards. The easy to use components enable developers to quickly extend applications with powerful security features including encryption & decryption, secure message hashing, message signing & signature verification, and digital certificate generation and management.

Content Grabber Premium Edition 1.17.10

Content Grabber Premium Edition 1.17.10 | 77 Mb

Web-scraping is the process of extracting data from websites and storing that data in a structured, easy-to-use format. The value of a web-scraping tool like Content Grabber is that you can easily specify and collect large amounts of source data that may be very dynamic (data that changes very frequently). Usually, data available on the Internet has little or no structure and is only viewable with a web browser. Elements such as text, images, video, and sound are built into a web page so that they are presentable in a web browser. It can be very tedious to manually capture and separate this data, and can require many hours of effort to complete. With Content Grabber, you can automate this process and capture website data in a fraction of the time that it would take using other methods.

PInvoker 1.3.3

PInvoker 1.3.3 | 771 kB

The fastest way to produce C#/VB.NET pinvoke code definitions for any C++ header file and dll. PInvoker Visual Studio Addin imports C++ header files (even the windows SDK header files) together with their associated dlls and generates C#/VB.NET pinvoke definitions. These definitions can then be inserted into C# or VB.NET code. Users select from a list of available functions, structs, enums and delegates removing the need to manually find the method definitions in the header files or in the C++ library documentation.

Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK 1.02

Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK 1.02 | 14 Mb

Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK is a simple to use .NET library to quickly take your vector-based PDF files and convert them to a pixel-based format (an image format). This process can significantly reduce the overall size of the document and allows you to use the output image for other purposes where PDF documents may not be ideal.

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