nrComm NET is set of .NET components, classes and routines for serial communication tasks. Library helps to get access to various devices: native and virtual serial (RS232) ports, Human Interface Devices (HID), USB, GPS and others. It provides solution for quick implementation any data packet protocol and contains ready solutions for Modbus, Kermit and ASTM.

The NrComm component is designed for work with serial port (RS232) connection. It includes properties and methods which makes easy the serial port configuring and communication.

Some of most popular features of nrComm NET serial (RS232) port solution are listed below:
detecting detail information about available serial ports;
correct working with virtual (removable) serial ports (USB, BT and etc.);
synchronous/asynchronous I/O operations with serial port;
property Terminal of Edit Type You can make a simple terminal control very easy and quickly. All typed symbols will be sent to the port and all received will be shown by the Terminal control.
property DataProcessor allows attach components for an extended data processing.
… and some more.

The nrComm NET provides component for communication with Modbus connected devices.
Key fieatures:

Read register;
Writing register values;
Polling registers with multi addresses support;
RTU and ASCII modes
Simple statistic of device polling;
Speed estimation of polling;

nrComm NET provides easy and quick solutions for enumerate and control USB devices. It gets detail info about installed USB devices and has methods for basic I/O operations with USB pipes.

The NrAstm component implements ASTM message transfer protocol between clinical or laboratory instruments and computer systems.

General features are listed below:
Supports both directions. Allows read and send information packets;
CRC control
Separates and concatenates long data records on 240-length data frames.
Can be used togehter with RS232, Bluetooth, HID, USB or network socket connection.