Mecons 2.0.1 – Tag Helper for Metronic

Most completed & trusted Tag Helper Library for Metronic.

Key Features
Tag Helpers
Components and Controls for Metronic
The Library contains 30+ ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers for many Components and Controls of the Metronic Admin Theme. This saves Time and Budget of your UI Development.

Metronic 5
Includes Metronic 5 Admin Theme
Every Mecons License contains the Metronic 5 Admin Theme, the most completed & trusted UI Framework. Of course, you can fully use Metronic without additional Costs in your Application.

Data Binding
Validation States for Data Binding
Mecons combines the ASP.NET Core Data Binding with the Validation States of Metronic. On Model Errors the Input Controls get a Metronic Validation State and Rendering.

Intellisense Support in Visual Studio
Mecons is well documentated, but the Intellisense Support in Visual Studio helps you still faster write Tag Helper Markup.

Bower and NuGet
Provisioning over Bower and NuGet
The Tag Helper Library will published with Bower and NuGet. So it is pretty simple to update the Libraries and hold them up-to-date.

Extensive Documentation
Free and up-to-date Online Documentation
Our extensive and simple Online Documentation of Mecons helps you to quick start the Development of your own App.

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