MDBootstrap Pro 4.5.11 Source Code

Material Design for Bootstrap 4. World’s most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first websites and apps.

Bootstrap 4
Thanks to MDB you can take advantage of all features of newest Bootstrap 4.

50+ Premium Sections
To save your time we have combined our components and prepared thematic sections like blog listings, contact forms, pricing table and much more. Choose, combine and enjoy your website in less than a minute.

600+ icons
Hundreds of useful, scalable, vector icons at your disposal.

Fully responsive
It doesn’t matter whether your project will be displayed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. MDB looks great on each screen.

70+ CSS animations
Neat and easy to use animations, which will increase the interactivity of your project and delight your visitors.

10 Premium Page Templates
Need inspiration? Use one of our predefined templates and sections available only in MDB Pro version.

Easy installation
5 minutes, a few clicks and… done. You will be surprised at how easy it is.

Easy to use and customize
Using MDB is simple and pleasant. Components flexibility allows you deep customization. You will easily adjust each component to suit your needs.

…and even more
Cross-browser compatibility
Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge – MDB loves all browsers; all browsers love MDB.

Frequent updates
MDB becomes better every month. We love the project and enhance as much as possible.

Active community
Our society grows day by day. Visit our forum and check how it is to be a part of our family.

jQuery 3.x and 2.x
MDB is integrated with newest jQuery. Therefore you can use all the latest features which come along with it.

Material Design for Bootstrap comes with both, compiled, ready to use libraries including all features as well as modules for CSS (SASS files) and JS.

Technical support
We care about reliability. If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact us.

MDB fully supports Flex Box. You can forget about alignment issues.

SASS files
Arranged and well documented .scss files can’t wait until you compile them.


Let’s summarize. So what exactly is Bootstrap?

1. It is a free front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

2. It combines HTML, CSS and JS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, image carousels and numerous other components, as well as JavaScript plugins.

3. It provides you with a convenient approach for creating responsive designs.

Why use Bootstrap?

1. It is novice-friendly, so you don’t have to master HTML or CSS before diving into it.

2. Its CSS works perfectly on either phones, tablets or desktops thanks to its responsive features.

3. Its core framework styles are preset to mobile-first approach.

4. All the modern browsers are entirely compatible with Bootstrap (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera).

The “Bootstrap Tutorial” that we have prepared for you, will guide you progressively through Bootstrap elements, step by step.

Each lesson is provided with series of practical examples, and each of those examples brings you meaningful web design knowledge.

In this tutorial, you will use our Bootstrap overlay, which provides a marvelous appearance consistent with the standards of Material Design by Google.

The overlay is called Material Design for Bootstrap, and you can get it for free from our website.

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