MachForm 7.0 Unlimited

Create Order Form, Booking Form, Survey Form, Contact Form, Registration Form, you name it. MachForm builds them all. Accept payments online with your form and get profit instantly. Credit cards, PayPal or Check. Form data delivered instantly to your email. Never miss any lead again.

Analyze Results
Better insights, better outcomes. Quickly optimize your forms to perform better using the powerful reporting feature.

Approval Workflow
Approve or deny submissions. Easily create online approval process with multiple approvers.

Fully Featured
Packed with 100+ advanced features. There’s a lot you can do!

LDAP Integration
Authenticate user login against LDAP server (Active Directory, OpenLDAP, ApacheDS, etc.).

Users Manager
Easily manage all your users from a single dashboard.

Bulk Create/Import Users
Add multiple users and set permissions all at once.

Assign Form Permissions
Allow users to create new forms or restrict them from editing existing forms.

Assign Entries Permissions
Allow users to edit entries or restrict them from viewing them.

Assign Reports Permissions
Allow users to create reports or restrict them from editing them.

Assign Admin Privileges
Allow users to administer your MachForm.

Allow Read-Only Access
Restrict user to reading entries only, without any editing permission.

2-Step Verification
Prompt user to enter an additional six-digit security code to log in.

IP Address Restriction
Block unauthorized IP addresses from accessing your MachForm.

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