Kellerman Ninja .NET Database Pro 2.31

Ninja Database Pro is deadly good. Ninja Database Pro is a lighting fast, compact, ACID compliant database. It can be used as a database for desktop applications, a Silverlight database, or a Windows Phone 7 database, an Android database with Xamarin’s MonoDroid or an iPhone database with Xamarin’s MonoTouch. It is the first database supporting either object database mode or relational database mode. You choose how to save your child objects as embedded or in a seperate table. It supports all the features you expect: LINQ index queries, paging, transactions, constraints, triggers, caching, BLOB, CLOB, Import XML, Export XML, Auto Identity Primary Keys, and foreign key relationships. Industry standard AES encryption and Mini LZO compression are included. Unlike most other databases, Ninja Database Pro can save complex data structures such as double linked lists, multi-dimensional arrays, and dictionaries. Databases can be created in memory, isolated storage, or normal file storage. Ninja Database Pro also supports Silverlight 4 and Silverlight 5 out of browser storage. When you compare Ninja Database Pro to any other database available what you will find is that using Ninja Database Pro requires far less code. Ninja Database Pro can be used as a .NET database with C# or a as a VB.NET database. At less than 170KB, you might scratch your head how we put in all these features. The source is available if you really want to know. We also have Ninja WinRT Database which is a database for Windows Runtime and Windows Phone 8. A discount is offered when purchasing both. Simply add Ninja Database Pro to the cart and click on recommended accessories.