Kellerman .NET Logging Library 2.35

The .NET Logging Library is the cutting edge of logging. It is more powerful than Log4Net, NLog, or SmartInspect and yet easier to use. Of course it has all the usual logging capabilities of the other guys including; a wide variety of targets, log levels, filtering, real time monitoring, binary file logging with attachments, and compatibility with log viewers like Chainsaw, Log4View, YALV, LogExpert, and YourLog4Net Viewer.

Say goodbye to editing complex logging XML configuration files. The .NET Logging Library has a GUI configuration editor that can edit external config files and your app.config or web.config files. Setup is literally a minute, versus a half an hour of searching for an appender format and then hoping you didn’t make a typo.

We know that you have high maintenance users that cause things to happen in your application that make you scratch your head. That is why the .NET Logging Library can do things like automatically increasing the logging level when an exception occurs. Have a problem user? You can create a logging target for a that specific user by simply re-deploying a new configuration file. If needed, the configuration can be overriden at runtime by your application and then saved. You could easily create an admin page in your application to change the configuration. No other framework does that.

Here are some other differences that will make your life easier. When a junior developer creates an infinite loop and there are thousands of duplicate messages logged, the .NET Logging Library can be configured to ignore duplicate messages. By default, file targets automatically discard older messages after reaching 10,000 entries. When logging to a database, it will automatically create the logging table and the corresponding stored procedure to log to the database and roll database entries. No other framework can roll when logging to a database.

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