JQWidgets 5.7.2

jQWidgets provides a comprehensive solution for building professional web sites and mobile apps. It is built entirely on open standards and technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. jQWidgets enables responsive web development and helps you create apps and websites that look beautiful on desktops, tablets and smart phones. You can use jQWidgets with TypeScript, popular frameworks like Angular 6, KnockoutJS and server-side technologies like ASP.NET MVC, PHP, JSP and Node.js

jQWidgets is a feature complete framework with professional touch-enabled jQuery widgets, themes, input validation, drag & drop plug-ins, data adapters, built-in WAI-ARIA accessibility, internationalization and MVVM support.

Natively works with Angular 6
The latest versions of jQWidgets are built natively for Angular. They deliver the best possible capabilities for those interested in building modern UI applications with the latest JavaScript technologies. jQWidgets does not require external references to jQuery when used in Angular applications. Learn more about using jQWidgets with Angular 6

jQWidgets React UI Components
jQWidgets is the most complete framework offering over 60 JS UI Components for React. You can learn more about using jQWidgets with React JavaScript Library here: jQWidgets React UI Components

jQWidgets ASP.NET MVC Core Tag Helpers Library
jQWidgets provides a comprehensive set of UI Tag Helpers for ASP.NET MVC Core. The jQWidgets TagHelpers UI library consists of over 70 UI Controls that wrap around the native HTML5 JavaScript controls. The API of the ASP.NET MVC TagHelpers Framework is 100% compatible with the respective JavaScript API. Learn more about using jQWidgets with ASP.NET MVC Core Tag Helpers

Works Across
Devices & Browsers
jQWidgets takes the JavaScript & HTML UI development to a new level. It provides built-in device and browser detection and automatically adjusts itself for optimal user experience.

Web Standards
jQWidgets is a reliable, standards compliant JavaScript library based on jQuery, HTML5, CSS & SVG. It improves productivity and reduces development costs.

Optimized for
Small footprint, highly responsive, carefully optimized to deliver outstanding experience on a wide range of devices, operating systems and browsers.

What’s New:

– Users can load jqxListBox, jqxDropDownlist and jqxComboBox by using the Angular *ngFor directive. – Users can load jqxGrid and jqxDataTable by using the Angular *ngFor directive. – Users can dynamically load Angular components into Grid Cells. – New Angular Help tutorials about Routing and Navigation, Dynamic Component Loading and WebPack installation. – jqxGrid can be loaded from Table tag by using $.jqx.parseSourceTag method. – Angular 6 components integration.

What’s Fixed:

– Fixed an issue in jqxListBox regarding the loading from Select and UL tags. – Fixed an issue in jqwidgets.d.ts file regarding missing jqx:any. – Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler regarding the edit dialog’s z-index. – Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler regarding the firstDay localization setting and showWeekends is set to false. – Fixed an issue in jqxNotification regarding the dynamically change of templates. – Fixed an issue in jqxGrid regarding the sorting when the Grid is grouped. – Fixed an issue in jqxFileUpload cancelFile typescript definition. – Fixed an issue in the widgets styles regarding an incorrect image.

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