ImageEn for ActiveX version Retail

A descendent of ImageEnMView designed specifically for displaying the content of file folders, including support for:

  • Folder icons
  • Drag and drop of files from Windows
  • Cut, copy and paste of files from Windows Explorer
  • File information when hovering over frames
  • Automatic refresh when folder contents change
  • Display of the standard folder popup menu
  • File functions to move, copy, rename and delete files
  • In-built file navigation, file shortcuts and other functions
  1. Dicom Saving
    ImageEn now provides native support for saving DICOM files
  2. Rotation Dialog
    The Image Processing dialog now includes support for rotation, allowing you to prompt the user to rotate the current image with an ImageEn TAction or a single line of code: ImageEnView1.Proc.DoPreviews([peRotate])
  3. Improved Encryption
    New algorithm provides much improved encryption (without contours showing for encrypted lossless images)
  4. ImageEnMView Styling
    Significant improvements have been made to ImageEnMView styling with new options for text margins, background colors and icons. For ease of usage call ImageEnMView1.SetModernStyling to automatically set all styling properties to match Windows. A new “ThumbnailClipping” property even allows thumbnails to be automatically clipped to their display area
  5. ImageEnMView Text
    A full set of condtants allow you to thumbnail frames to automatically output text information, such as dimensions, file size, date, etc.
  6. ImageEnMView Sorting
    An ImageEnMView can now be sorted by file size, create date, edit date and type
  7. Image Processing Preview Improvements
    The styling of the preview dialog has been improved so it is more suitable when used for a single purpose, such as rotation or resizing. It also provides much better preview performance with large images and can use anti-aliasing
  8. Improved Rotation Preview
    ImageEnView can now display rotated layers with anti-aliasing