IBM ILOG Diagram v1.6 & Gant v3.5 for .NET

IBM ILOG is a collection of tools, technologies and services designed to help customers more effectively and efficiently analyze, plan, track and improve business processes. IBM acquired the Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS), optimization, visualization and supply chain solutions provider in early 2009 and currently offers four main solutions in the IBM ILOG lineup as part of its Smarter Planet initiative:

IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules – IBM ILOG JRules is a business rule management system (BRMS) that helps customers write and maintain the logic applied by applications that automatically implement decisions

IBM ILOG CPLEX – IBM ILOG CPLEX is an optimization software tool designed specifically for mathematical programming

IBM ILOG JViews – IBM ILOG JViews is a visualization development system based on Java and supported with add-ons for Gantt charts, graphs, maps and diagrams

IBM ILOG Elixir – IBM ILOG Elixir is an IBM ILOG component developed specifically for Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex platforms