HTML Addon for TE Edit v21

The HTML Add-on control offers a most cost effective method of incorporating an HTML viewer/editor. This product is an add-on to TE Editor Control. This product adds HTML import and export features to TE Editor Control.

The HTML text in the control can be printed to the current printer using the TER API function. The user can print the selected text or the entire file.

Interface with TE Edit Control The HTML Add-on parses the HTML text and transmits it to the TE edit control. The TE edit control is responsible for text scrolling, printing, clipboard copying and handling the mouse clicks. When the user clicks on a hypertext region, the edit control sends the message to the HTML Add-on DLL to process the message. The HTML Add-on handles the local hyperlink jump internally without involving your application. The external hyperlink jump is conveyed to your application. Your application locates the new HTML file and uses the HTML Add-on API calls to load the new file into the viewer window.

As the HTML Add-on control needs TE Developer’s Kit to function, you also need to purchase a copy of TE Edit Control. Please refer to the TE Developer’s Kit brochure for the detailed information about TE edit control.

Please click here for a list of API calls available directly through the HTML Add-on DLL.

Source Code
The source code is compatible with the Microsoft C/C++ compilers. The .NET version is written using the managed C# code.

New Features in Version 21
Improved handling of page footer.
Support for floating picture.
Improved CSS support.
Improved line spacing.
Improved support for right-to-left text.
Support for clipped picture export.
Support for Outlook compatible support.
Support for double-line paragraph border.
Improved table support.
Compatible with TE Edit Control, version 26.
Bug fixes and other enhancements.