GMaster 0.9.577

Turns you into a diff and merge master by parsing the code. Helps you understand Git repos with unprecedent visualization. Most tools are just a wrapper around the command line. We take a visual approach instead: Branch Explorer as a comprehensive repo visualization, integrated side-by-side diff with Semantic capabilities, proper 3-way merge and more.

gmaster includes a rich built-in side-by-side diff, a super powerful 3-way merge, and the two are topped with semantic capabilities to understand C#, C++, Java, C and more. It is a complete solution out of the box.

Why diff and merge code like it was 1972?
We may not have flying cars yet, but we can do better than plain text diff. We parse C#, Java,, C, C++ code (plus third-party contributed parsers) and then calculate diffs and merges. Moved methods? Refactored code? We got you covered.

Stunning goes first
gmaster evolves fast. But we wanted to add the most stunning features first: the Branch Explorer, Semantic Diff & Merge – the kind of things that make it unique. The plan is to continue with features like handling hunks, rebasing and more.

Understand your repo visually
Use the Branch Explorer to navigate your repository, left to right, as you would do in a blackboard.
Checkout branches, diff and merge from here.
And, identify the commits with more changes at a glance too.

Diff side-by-side
The simplest and fastest way to understand code changes. And, it includes Xdiff to track code fragments that have been moved.

Track refactored code
Here comes the power of Semantic – we parse the code first, then calculate diffs based on that. You can move a method, change it, and semantic diff still knows it is the same.
It is priceless to diff refactored code.

Merge like an expert… without the pain
Merge can be much simpler.
We separated the “commit” from the “merge”; so you get a full list of conflicts and options to solve them instead of a fuzzy interface were commit and merge resolution ends up being the same thing.

Quickly merge refactored code
Refactors are good to keep code quality high but they are a nightmare to merge.

Not anymore with Semantic Merge. Move methods around, modify them, while someone else does a fix. The merge will be automatic.

Diff images
You can compare images to check what changed: side-by-side, blend, swipe and diff properties.

Just commit
By default, commit changes is a single click operation. You diff your changes, and you submit. Period. No need to deal with the intermediate index or anything. It’s as simple as it gets.

We are working in adding “expert mode”… So stay tuned!

So far, we wanted to make things easier now for the 95% of us ;-), but do expect a flow of added features and improvements.

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