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EXT.NET is an ASP.NET component framework built with Sencha Ext JS. Focus on your software’s business logic and take advantage of 100+ components and 600+ examples in the Examples Explorer! Ext.NET boosts your productivity! We offer 100+ components and 600+ examples. Browse the examples using the sidebar menu on the left, check their source code, open in a separate window if you like. Ext.NET is an advanced ASP.NET (WebForms + MVC) component framework integrating the cross-browser Sencha Ext JS JavaScript Library.

If you are looking to build a rich, modern web application with cutting edge web technologies, unparalleled cross-browser compatibility and an advanced MVC architecture then Ext.NET is for you!


FIX [r6480]    [#835] Breadcrumb: Node’s QTip didn’t work. [r6382]    [#682] Various fixes in WebForms examples. [r6383]    [#682] Various fixes in the Examples Explorers. [r6384]    [#733] GridPanel with local paging + filter + reload caused duplicate records. [r6388]    [#673] Reviews the ‘Draw/Logos’ example for both WebForms(#682.23) and MVC (#673.9) examples. Now the SVG paths are scaled and translated manually, window no longer resizable. [r6389]    [#682] Reviews the ‘Draw/Tiger’ example on WebForms (#682.26) explorer. Fixed DrawContainer w/h, fixed SVG position, and added overrides to disable DD’s ‘ghost’ proxy. [r6390]    [#735] Listener: using Fn and Handler at the same time should throw an Exception. [r6391]    [#737] ResponsiveConfig threw a JavaScript error if IDMode=”Predictable” is used (at least). [r6392]    [#739] Very old override of Ext.dom.Element.is() was breaking ExtJS 5.x in several situations. Removed override so current ExtJS method is executed. [r6393]    [#740] GridPanel missed the GroupChange event. [r6394]    [#728] Corrected the initial Ext.dom.Element.is() override. [r6395]    [#741] Ext.button.Button.setScale() was not effectively re-scaling the button. [r6396]    [#742] ResourceManager’s WindowScroll didn’t work. [r6398]    [#747] GridPanel: added a missed MultiColumnSort option. [r6400]    [#753] MultiUpload broke a page if no flash in a browser. [r6401]    [#754] Removed a trailed comma in DirectObservable.js [r6404]    [#765] HyperlinkButton didn’t honor the Href property. [r6406]    [#769] CDN path should not cache “http” or “https” of first request, because it might change in next requests. [r6408]    [#769] Revised the initial fix applying the performance optimizations suggested by @RCN and @michaeld on the forums. [r6412]    [#775] PasswordMask HideAll: removal of characters was not handled correctly. [r6413]    [#777] HyperlinkButton inside a container with FitLayout threw a JavaScript error. [r6414]    [#779] ComponentLoader.ToConfig(new Window()) produced a script with a show call. [r6415]    [#783] ComboBox’s ForceSelection=”false” didn’t render to client. [r6418]    [#784] ImageButton ignored its X and Y settings. [r6421]    [#788] ImageButton’s setDisabled failed on a non-rendered button. [r6422]    [#790] GridPanel with ComponentColumn with OverOnly broke on sorting. [r6423]    [#791] CheckboxSelectionModel with Multi mode didn’t fire SelectionChange and Deselect events on deselect. [r6424]    [#793] Missed server side properties to set a component’s Width and Height in a CSS value (e.g. in percents). Added the WidthSpec and HeightSpec properties. [r6425]    [#717] ItemSelector threw a JavaScript error. [r6426]    [#690] RightButtons and LeftButtons inside TextFields triggers errors on destroying. [r6427]    Minor corrections in a couple of examples. [r6430]    [#811] Chrome 43 broke TextField and TextArea layout. [r6431]    [#796] OData functionality was broken. [r6432]    [#791] CheckboxSelectionModel didn’t fire SelectionChange and Deselect events on deselect. Removed the temporary fix – it has been fixed in ExtJS 5.1.1. [r6433]    [#814] Returning false from ComboBox’s BeforeSelect didn’t prevent selecting. [r6434]    [#657] GridPanel: unable to use home/end/arrow navigation keys inside data views & grid editors. Removed the temporary fix, because it has been fixed in ExtJS 5.1.1. [r6435]    [#656] GridPanel: couldn’t select a new added record. Removed the temporary fix, because it has been fixed in ExtJS 5.1.1. [r6436]    [#637] TabPanel in FireFox: click on tab might not active that tab. Removed the temporary fix since it has been fixed in ExtJS 5.1.1. [r6437]    [#633] A non-floating menu hid on focus leave. Removed the temporary fix since it has been fixed in ExtJS 5.1.1. [r6438]    [#621] InfoPanel Modal=”true” didn’t work. The initial fix required a correction after upgrading to ExtJS 5.1.1. [r6439]    [#622] Modal window or message box forced the horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Removed the temporary fix – no longer reproducible with ExtJS 5.1.1. [r6440]    [#817] CalendarCombo is broken in ExtJS 5.1.1. [r6441]    [#809] Various bug fixes in the WebForm Examples Explorer. [r6442]    [#717] ItemSelector threw a JavaScript error. Corrected the initial fix after update to ExtJS 5.1.1. [r6443]    [#809] Various bugs fixes in Examples Explorer. [r6444]    [#816] Enables fallover static iconCls for MVC examples. Uses Areas/config.xml for the static settings. [r6445]    [#819] GridPanel with RowExpander with inner GridPanel: layout of inner GridPanel was broken in IE and Firefox. Removed the old CSS styles for RowExpander (since v1). [r6447]    [#809, #816] HTML Editor’s toolbar buttons shifted in Crisp theme. [r6448]    [#816] Desktop’s System Status CPU Load graph distortion over time. [r6449]    [#816] Disabled animation on Desktop System Status’ CPU Load chart, as in other Desktop examples. [r6450]    [#816.5] Fixes drag-and-drop issues since 3.0, revisiting the whole example. [r6451]    [#823] Fixes setting debug mode on MVC examples explorer. [r6452]    [#824] Fixes JS error when pressing ‘del’ or ‘backspace’ when editing ComponentColumn’s ComboBoxes. [r6453]    [#816.8] Adds support for ‘yes/no’ filter on the FilterHeader overview sample. [r6454]    [#816.9] Removes column sorting for Buffered Scrolling and Remote Filter MVC infinite scrolling samples. [r6455]    [#816.9] Update text on examples to reflect that the features are not new to Ext.NET v3. [r6456]    [#816.10] Update text to reflect features of Ext.NET v2 and disable sorting on MVC infinite scrolling overview example. [r6457]    [#809] DisplayTimeField was broken (item 44). [r6458]    [#827] “Cannot read property ‘focus’ of undefined” JavaScript error. [r6459]    [#809] Various bug fixes. [r6460]    [#809] Undos WebForms’ Desktop example fix from r6441 and applies r6448 from MVC Desktop sample into it. [r6461]    [#816.19] Applies the same fix for Rotate_Image from svn revision 6459 (github #809.43). [r6462]    [#816.26] Applies the same fix for VBoxLayout Basic example from svn revision 6441 (github #809.57). [r6463]    [#809.21, #816.13] Clarifies issue about store-logic filtering on TreePanel’s advanced filter example. [r6465]    [#826] RowExpander: GridPanels inside RowExpander misforwarded clicks on CellEdit components. [r6466]    [#829] GridPanel GridFilters remote: ticking the filter checkbox caused a load request without a filter’s value. [r6467]    [#816.21] Fixes panel width on example so missing button is revealed. [r6468]    [#809.6] Applies changes from revision 6450 to the WebForms corresponding example (plus cosmetic CSS fixes). [r6469]    [#816.5] Cosmetic CSS fixes after changes of revision 6450. [r6471]    [#832] Changes RowExpander’s SingleExpand behavior to avoid issues. [r6472]    [#830] “Plants” data service from examples may trigger Date Format Exception in some situations. [r6473]    [#834] TagField didn’t add a new tag to its picker’s store on .addTag() call. [r6474]    [#692] Grouped GridPanel’s grouping summary didn’t work with Count summary type. Changed the initial fix to cover another scenario as well. [r6475]    Examples: minor theme-related corrections in a few examples. Some sizes had to be increased to fit well for the Crisp theme.

NEW [r6397]    [#745] Image: added a Title config option that sets an img’s title attribute. [r6470]    [#831] Added the new ARIA theme.

UPDATE [r6479]    A small clean-up in the Ext.Net.csproj file. [r6386]    Minor revision on inline code styles [r6399]    Removed the Just_For-Fun examples as outdated. [r6402]    [#757] ResourceManager’s Locale is now rendered to client to be able easily determine the current locale in JavaScript as Ext.net.ResourceMgr.locale. [r6419]    [#785] InputMask: support of DateField and NumberField. [r6420]    [#786] Vtype=”daterange”: got rid of requirement to set up onKeyUp handler for DateFields. [r6428]    Initial update to ExtJS 5.1.1. [r6464]    [FIX] [#809.65, #816.17] Fixes visual toggling effect on Hyperlink Buttons. [r6476]    BaseControl’s VersionName property contained a “Pro” reference. Removed. The “Pro” version disappeared at some point.