Embrio Commercial

An agent is a little piece of a program that has one job. Agents connect to and turn on and off other agents. An Embrio program is made up of multiple agents running in parallel. Work with a live connection to your Arduino, see how your program works as you build it! When your program is done it can be compiled to run entirely on your Arduino! The profiler tool gives you accurate resource usage information while you work.

Embrio is a development tool for creating embedded software, currently for use with the Arduino. It utilizes an “agent based” architecture designed for the challenges of programming highly parallel software with limited hardware resources.

It is a visual environment where programs are made by adding and connecting nodes into groups called agents. At the low level, physical pins on the Arduino can be read from or written to with analog or digital input and output nodes, or you can write your own nodes using the full power of the Arduino library. The control and logic of your program are then designed visually with a real time connection to your Arduino giving you unprecedented interaction while creating your projects.

This document will start with a “getting started” area meant to be gone through in order. This will quickly expose you to the basics of using the software. The rest of the documentation is a reference to the different parts and features of the software.

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