EasyQuery Winforms/Silverlignt/WPF/ASP.NET/JS.NET Core 4.3.1

EasyQuery ASP.NET Core

EasyQuery allows you to integrate end-user-oriented query builder into your ASP.NET Core project.

Friendly, natural language query builder UI: users do not need to know about your tables, links, fields or any other DB-related things.
.NET Core 2.0 is supported.
Works with Entity Framework Core 2.0.
Supports any database that has a .NET Core connector.
Targets .NET Standard 1.3 and 2.0.

Ad-hoc reporting
Have you ever heard from your customer: “We need to change 3 reports and create 5 new”? Have you calculated the time and energy spent for all these trifles?

With EasyQuery you may answer: “Do it yourself, m… mister!” Just give them ability to build/change queries for reports, save and load them, draw charts and export results.



Data filtering UI
Whenever you show the grid with more then several rows of data, your users may need to filter the data somehow. Usually you don’t know how exactly they need to filter the data. Let them use EasyQuery and relax! They will do the job easily and will be happy.

Advanced search form
Advanced search form
What if your users need to search by many different parameters and in various combinations? Typical search form looks like a mess of different controls related to one database field each. It may occupy the full screen but even in this case it may not cover all possible combinations of conditions.

Do your users fated to use such an ugly forms? Not with EasyQuery!

The EasyQuery interface is laconic and intuitive, it allows to build almost any combination of conditions your users could wish for.

EasyQuery 4.3.1 release

What’s new FullTextSearch extension method – now you can easily set up a full-text search functionality in your app ODataQueryBuilder class – allows building OData queries ToSql extension method for LINQ expressions – now you can easily get an SQL statement for your LINQ query generated by our components. onError event in JavaScript widgets – an ability to set up your own error handler. An ability to set up an external cache for the lists used in different values editors. Oracle connector in DME

What’s fixed Wrong processing of TimeSpan properties in LoadFromEntityType method and during SQL generation LoadFromEntityType didn’t process collection navigation properties correctly Empty list of values for the dynamically populated lists

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