DuoCode for Visual Studio v3.0.1654.0

DuoCode cross-compiles your C# 6.0 code into high-quality readable JavaScript code, enabling rapid development of web applications utilizing the extensive features of the C# language, the Visual Studio IDE, and the .NET Framework base class libraries.

Development in C# with Visual Studio brings great productivity wins, thanks to strong-typing, code completion, compile-time error checking, static analysis, code navigation and refactoring.

Develop HTML5 applications using strongly-typed and documented class-definitions of the entire DOM class library (including HTML, CSS, SVG and WebGL definitions).

The power of C# language
Enjoy the power and convenience of C# 6.0 language, complete with strong-typing, class-based inheritance, reflection, generics, lambda expressions and LINQ.

The power of Visual Studio
Enjoy the convenience of Visual Studio – the best IDE in the world, with state-of-the-art development and debugging experience.

The power of .NET Framework
Utilize the familiar classes in the standard libraries of the .NET Framework, including string manipulations, collections, and more.

The power of DuoCode
Cross-compile C# code into readable and maintainable JavaScript.
Share code between Windows and JavaScript applications.