Devart UniDAC 7.4.11 Professional for RAD Studio 10.3 Rio

Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC) is a powerful library of nonvisual cross-database data access components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C++Builder, and Lazarus (Free Pascal). We have combined the experience of long-term successful development into one product, which provides unified access to the popular database servers like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, InterBase, Firebird, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2, Microsoft Access, Sybase Advantage Database Server, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, and other databases (using ODBC provider).

UniDAC offers unified approach to the database-related applications development process. That means you can switch easily between different databases in your projects without going deep into their specifics.

Using UniDAC with its server-independent interface is the best way to create cross-database applications. UniDAC gives outstanding flexibility and independence to your projects.

Server-Aware Providers

UniDAC chooses the best way specific to the server to perform most operations. Every UniDAC data provider uses server-specific native connectivity. All operations with data are performed by providers automatically considering the selected database server peculiarities.

Cross-Platform Solution for Delphi, C++Builder, and Lazarus

UniDAC is a cross-platform solution for developing applications using various IDEs: RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder, Lazarus (and FPC) on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, and FreeBSD for both x86 and x64 platforms. UniDAC also provides support for the FireMonkey platform, which allows you to develop visually spectacular high-performance desktop and mobile native applications.

Server-Independent SQL

When developing database applications that allow working with several databases, one of the key points is writing of server-independent SQL. In UniDAC, the server-independent SQL support is implemented by means of the powerful macros engine, that produces dynamic SQL by replacing parts of the query statements with user-defined code.


RAD Studio 10.3 Rio is supported Support of UPPER and LOWER functions for Unified SQL is added Bug with using the FieldOrigins property is fixed Bug with using the TrimFixedChar property is fixed Bug with saving a dataset that contains BLOB fields to XML is fixed Bug with the Refresh method of TVirualQuery is fixed Bug with handling BCD fields in TVirtualQuery is fixed Bug with updating fields which have data type mapping in TVirtualQuery is fixed

Oracle data provider

Oracle 18c is supported Implicit result sets in Oracle 12 are supported Bug with detecting time zone when connecting in the Direct mode is fixed Bug with using an extended string in DML statements in Oracle 12 is fixed Bug with using the IFILE option in TNSNAMES.ORA is fixed

SQLServer data provider

QuoteNames option in TUniLoader to escape field names is added Bug with mapping a TEXT field to ftWideMemo in Delphi is fixed Bug with SQL statements containing a CONTAINS predicate in the WHERE clause is fixed Bug with application freezing when executing a stored procedure is fixed Bug with editing the ConnectString property in TUniConnection in design-time editor is fixed Bug with XML field types when clearing data is fixed Bug with setting “MSOLEDBSQL.1” value for the TUniConnection.ConnectString property is fixed

MySQL data provider

Support for PAM and Windows authentications is added Bug in TUniDump with backuping stored procedures in MySQL 8 is fixed Bug with describing binary fields is fixed

InterBase data provider

Possibility to write large blobs by pieces is added PostgreSQL data provider PostgreSQL 11 is supported

SQLite data provider

Support for the BreakExec method in the Query component is added Bug in TUniDump with dumping national characters when UseUnicode is True is fixed ASE data provider Bug with AssignConnect is fixed

MongoDB data provider

Bug with re-setting a query for the Query component is fixed

DBF data provider

Detection of the file format when the DBFFormat option is set to dfAuto is improved Work with databases which contain a large number of files is improved Bug with incorrect query result when using local indexes is fixed Bug with mapping DATE fields is fixed

BigCommerce data provider OAuth authentication is supported