Delphi SVG Control Package 2.20 Update 13

These pages offer a library for rendering SVG graphics with Delphi. SVG stands for “Scalable Vector Graphics”, it is an XML based format developed by the World Wide Web Consortium for 2D vector graphics. Delphi is a software development tool based on the Pascal programming language.

SVG source files are human readable. It is an open format. Most graphic applications offer functionality for producing SVG images or at least support the format for exporting. Also most internet browser can display SVG graphics.

SVG graphics have a wide field of application. Some examples where SVG graphics are used:

For automatic generation of raster images, icons, glyphs, png etc.
Maps, charts, UML diagrams
Displaying interactive scientific or educational graphics
SCADA applications
CAD applications
SVG graphics are not the most efficient to use in an application. A bitmap will always be much faster to render on the screen than a SVG graphic, but unlike a bitmap, the SVG graphic will scale without losing quality, and, you can always make a bitmap from an SVG but not the other way around.

I have put in lot of effort to bring the library up to it’s current standard, many companies and individuals are using the library, and thanks to there feedback I have made many improvements and will continue to do so.

For evaluation purposes there is a free demo package available and a number of free demo applications with which you can test the SVG implementation.

Version 2.2 update 13, 8-12-2018

Fixed bug, TSVG2ImageList.VCL ClearColor attribute was lost after closing/loading project

Fixed bug, BeginUpdate/EndUpdate didn’t work propertly in TSVG2ImageList.VCL

Fixed bug, XML Reader Eval function failed if close to buffer end

Created project files and package files for Delphi DX3 Rio

Improved functionality for finding SVG elements by coordinates, for SVG mouse events and ObjectAt function.

Added ChangeScale overrides to VCL SVG controls for support of DPI and monitor scale settings

Added High DPI support to the viewer demo application for VCL for DX (Seattle) and higher

Created a new viewer demo application for FMX for XE8 and higher

Removed the SVGBrowser and SVGToRaster demo apps