DDObjects – DDDebug v1.0.7.741 D5-DX10.3 Cracked

DDDebug is a collection of debugging tools which contains several modules: a memory profiler, a thread viewer, a module viewer and an enhanced exception handler. DDDebug can be integrated easily into your Delphi projects, either using its integrated graphical user interface or its API.

The memory profiler traces memory allocations, recognizes the type of allocation (whether it has been done because of creating an object, string, array or record) and provides up to date information about memory usage and statistics. Unlike other solutions it does support packages, is independent of any specific compiler switches and provides immediate feedback.

In a nutshell, the following features are implemented:

recognizes objects, strings, arrays and records
supports packages
supports profiling of multiple threads
call stack retrieval
uses standard MAP files
independent of compiler switches
integrated GUI for monitoring and debugging
easy to use; almost no special requirements
support for wait chain traversal
detection of thread deadlocks
detection of premature freed memory