Database Backup v1.0.3.0 Professional

Backup SQL or SQL Express databases quickly from the command line, batch file, or scheduled task. Compress your backup file to save space. Backups are bloated with whitespace. Zipping the backup file can reduce your backup size by up to 90% (in my tests, closer to ~65% was average).

Restore your database from backup without needing to go into Management Studio or write complex Queries

Create and manage Scheduled Tasks from the software. With the Pro version, you can create Windows Scheduled tasks with just a few clicks. (as of

Revision: v1.0.3.0 (2017-12-28)
– Added “Scheduled Task” Functionality – create and delete Database Backup scheduled tasks from within the software (PRO feature)
– Added ability to remove machine’s registration (ability to move software to a new machine)
– Fixed Readme’s Product name
– Other general bug fixes / tweaks

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