DTK Barcode Reader SDK 4.2.237 & Image SDK 3.1.16

DTK Barcode Reader SDK 4.2.237 & Image SDK 3.1.16 | 38 Mb

Barcode recognition SDK is a highly accurate and powerful developer library which recognizes 1-D and 2-D barcodes from digital images and bitmaps. Using this SDK you can integrate barcode recognition functionality to your document processing systems, Windows applications, embedded systems (Windows CE, Pocket PC, Smartphone) and Web services. The following image formats are supported: BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG and multipage TIF and PDF (Portable Document Format). The unique and fast barcode recognition algorithm searches for barcodes in any position and orientation from your images.

DTK Image SDK is a image processing library for image viewing, conversion, manipulation and saving. Using this SDK you can can display, fix, enhance, convert images of different formats. DTK Image SDK supports TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG image formats (black and white, gray scale and color) and includes powerful image manipulation functions. Also SDK includes source code examples written in popular programming languages C++,VB,C#,VB Script.

DTK ANPR SDK 2.0.155 & Video Capture Control 1.1.110

DTK ANPR SDK 2.0.155 & Video Capture Control 1.1.110 | 56 Mb

DTK ANPR SDK (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a developer library for vehicle license plate recognition (LPR). Using this library you can integrate the license plate recognition functionality into your own software. The software detects license plates numbers from still images and video sources. The LPR engine can be configured to detect the licenses plates of the specific country.

BSC Designer Pro

BSC Designer Pro | 28 Mb

BSC Designer is a performance management software. It supports the Balanced Scorecard framework, which according to yearly studies continues to be one of the most popular tools for planning and executing a business strategy. The heart of the Balanced Scorecard is a strategy map. BSC Designer allows you to design state-of-the-art strategy maps, representing your business objectives and the cause-and-effect relationships between them.


jar2exe | 7 Mb

Jar2Exe is to convert jar files to executive binary files for Windows and Linux. Why should we select to wrap jar files into exe files with Jar2Exe, because it makes java program more convenient:

It makes java program more easy to run.
It makes java program more safe to redistribute by encryption.
It makes java program more powerful by function enhancement.


nSoftware IP Works! 9.0.5414 for .NET/ActiveX/Delphi/C++/C++ Builder/Windows Phone

nSoftware IP Works! 9.0.5414 for .NET/ActiveX/Delphi/C++/C++ Builder/Windows Phone | 52 Mb

IP*Works! is a comprehensive framework for Internet development and is the core building block for most /n software products. IP*Works! eliminates the complexity of Internet development, providing easy-to-use, programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending email, transferring files, managing networks, browsing the Web, consuming Web Services, etc. Fully-managed C# components optimized for cross-platform Xamarin development. Build applications with Xamarin and ship across iOS, Android, and Mac.

.NET components written in C#, optimized for Xamarin cross-platform development.
Support for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.
Seamless integration with popular development environments including Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Xamarin Studio.
Comprehensive fully-integrated product documentation with extensive sample applications and online help.


nSoftware IP Works! Zip 9.0.5414 for .NET/ActiveX/Delphi/C++/C++ Builder/Windows Phone

nSoftware IP Works! Zip 9.0.5414 for .NET/ActiveX/Delphi/C++/C++ Builder/Windows Phone | 14 Mb

The current release of IP*Works! Zip allows developers to easily integrate compression and decompression into applications using the Zip, Tar, Gzip, 7-Zip, Bzip2, ZCompress, or Jar standards for compression. The IP*Works! Zip components were built from the ground up combining exceptional speed with an excellent data compression ratio.

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