RedGate .NET Toolbelt 2015.01

RedGate .NET Toolbelt 2015.01 | 67 Mb

The .NET Toolbelt is our complete set of .NET developer tools. It provides you and your .NET development team with everything you need to rapidly write, optimize, and debug your application, then securely release it to your users. Once released, you’ll receive quick feedback about bugs, shortening development cycles and helping you to build software your users will love.

Northwoods GoDiagram for .NET 5.1 Retail

Northwoods GoDiagram for .NET 5.1 Retail | 42 Mb

GoDiagram makes it easy to build applications where users can see and manipulate graphs of nodes connected by links. From simple diagrams to interactive workflows and complex system monitors, GoDiagram helps you quickly create rich displays for your diagramming needs. GoDiagram contains several built-in node types and full sample applications to get your project started quickly. GoDiagram is built from the ground up in C# and is designed to be extensible for your custom needs.

RedGate Deployment Suite for Oracle 2015.01

RedGate Deployment Suite for Oracle 2015.01 | 27 Mb

Quickly and clearly see differences in schema objects and table data across instances of your database.

Compare multiple schemas and tables at once.
See differences in the DDL for schema objects.
A graphical view of rows and columns highlights where data is out of sync.
Filter comparison results and generate interactive reports.

RedGate SQL Toolbelt 2015.01

RedGate SQLToolbelt DC 4th December, 2014 | 138 Mb

Everything you need to work with SQL Server. 13 SQL Server tools in a single installer. The SQL Toolbelt gives you 13 essential SQL Server tools in one installer. So, when you’re working with SQL Server databases, you can finally have the most powerful set of tools right there when you need them.

RedGate SQL DBA Bundle 2015.01

RedGate SQL DBA Bundle 2015.01 | 89 Mb

7 essential tools for your core SQL Server database administration tasks. Use SQL Backup Pro’s high-performance compression to create up to 95% smaller SQL Server backups. You’ll save storage space and speed up network file transfers. Protect your backups with 256-bit AES encryption. Protect your backups from onsite disaster with quick, simple, and secure uploads to the cloud. Use SQL Backup Pro to schedule regular backup and restore jobs from a central UI, and include an optional DBCC CHECKDB to fully verify your backups’ integrity.

Sub Systems HTML to PDF Converter 9

Sub Systems HTML to PDF Converter 9 | 6 Mb

HTML to PDF Converter DLL for NET, ASP .NET, C#, Win32, Win64, ASP, Visual Basic, VBSCRIPT, JSCRIPT, VB6, MFC, Delphi, Powerbuilder. HTML to PDF Converter offers a simple and hassle free method of converting from HTML to PDF format within your application. You will make just one function call to do the conversion.

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