EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird

EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird | 76 Mb

EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird is a powerful tool for InterBase and Firebird database administration and development. SQL Manager is compatible with any InterBase and Firebird database management systems version up to the newest one and supports all of the latest InterBase and Firebird features including DB triggers, journaling, incremental backups, and others. It offers plenty of powerful database tools such as Visual Database Designer to create InterBase/Firebird database in few clicks, Visual Query Builder and Stored Procedure Debugger for InterBase and Firebird SQL scripts development and many more useful features for efficient InterBase/Firebird administration. SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird has a state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it.

EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL | 100 Mb

EMS SQL Management Studio for PostgreSQL is a complete solution for PostgreSQL database administration and development. With components that focus on all critical PostgreSQL database management tasks, SQL Studio is a single workbench that provides you with must-have tools for administering PostgreSQL databases, managing database schema and objects as well as for PostgreSQL database design, migration, extraction, PostgreSQL query building, data import, export and database comparison. SQL Studio unites these database tools for PostgreSQL in one powerful and easy-to-use environment that can work round the clock. With SQL Management Studio many database administration objectives, such as migration, data loading and synchronization, database backup and extraction can be automated, allowing PostgreSQL database administrators and PostgreSQL application developers to perform complex tasks on a regular basis with the minimum number of efforts and a high level of flexibility. Whether you are a database or application developer, DBA or business analyst, SQL Studio for PostgreSQL offers all essential PostgreSQL tools to make you more productive than ever before!

ApexSQL Universal 20151105

ApexSQL Universal 20151105 | 225 Mb

85 meaningful predefined data generators. Meaningful distribution across columns by default. Generate data in one column based on the data in another. Inter-column dependency support. Choose the file containing the value list. Set the percentage of each value being used in result. Create, save and use custom user-defined generators. Share user defined generators by setting the share folder. Populate rows based on percentage of other table’s row count. Populate rows by setting the execution time. Disabling DELETE triggers. View the action plan before starting generation. GUI warnings. Command Line Interface full support. Choose additional script to be executed before generation. Choose additional script to be executed after generation. View the database table creation script. Sentence generator. Text shuffler. Lorem ipsum generator. Import values from SQL view. Include dependent database objects. Post-generation summary. SQL Server 2016 CTP2 support. SQL Server Management Studio integration. Usability improvements. Improved quality.

Elsasoft SqlSpec for SQL 2005/2008/2012/2014 v6.12

Elsasoft SqlSpec for SQL 2005/2008/2012/2014 v6.12 | 4 Mb

Do you wish you had comprehensive and uniform database documentation for all your applications, regardless of platform? Are you a developer or DBA that just inherited a huge, complex application with no supporting database documentation, and don’t know where to start learning how it is put together? Are you an independent contractor working with databases? Your clients will love you when you provide comprehensive database documentation for the applications you build.

JetBrains OxDBE 1.0 Build 143.324.5

JetBrains OxDBE 1.0 Build 143.324.5 | 108 Mb

0xDBE is the new IDE that offers advanced database tools for DBAs and developers. The IDE includes coding assistance for SQL, schema management, version control integration and more. Meet 0xDBE, a new IDE from JetBrains tailored to suit the specific needs of professional DBAs and developers. It delivers an intelligent SQL editor and handful of database tools neatly packed together and running atop the state of the art IntelliJ platform.

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