Bunifu Ui WinForms v1.9.0.0

Modern beautiful controls and components for creating stunning app UI. Carefully crafted controls & components for great user experiences.

Optimized Performance
Lightweight on Visual Studio & outputs optmized GUIs

Modern Feel
Heavily incorporates modern flat design and aspects of Metro UI

Drag & Drop
Drag controls and components. Begin customizing instantly

Install & Play
Easy learning curve just like your normal Visual Studio tools

Flexible Themeing
Works with classic & modern theming

Custom Properties
Ability to change the header color of the grid using HeaderBgColor property
Ability to change the color of the text (from the header) using HeaderFgColor
Datagrid features
Sort/filter data
Export to PDF / Excel
Data validation
Cell editing
Print preview
Column resizing
Image support

Gauge Control for C# & VB.NET Developers
Bunifu Gauge control is a handy dashboard control that measures progress within a minimum value input to a maximum value input or limit

Gauge features

Multi-color support
Support progress color transition

Custom properties:

Ability to set the background color of the gauge using ProgressBgColor property
Ability to set the color when the value is minimum using ProgressColor1 property
Ability to set the color when the value is at a maximum using ProgressColor2 property
Ability to change the value of the gauge (the percent)

Color Transition for C# & VB.NET Developers
Bunifu Color Transition is a custom component that allows change from one color to another over a certain period of time as an action is performed. For example, if you are measuring heat temperature. The thermometer indicator can change slowly from blue, yellow then red in a slow manner. This greatly improves the UX of your application.

Possible customizations:

Ability to set the first (initial color) and second color (Ending color)
Ability to use it on custom controls such as progress bars, gauges and panels

Custom properties

Set the initial color using Color 1 property
Set the color that stops the transition using Color 2 property
Set the gradient between the Color 1 and Color 2 using ProgressValue property
Value is the current value of the transition – the intermediate color between Color 1 and Color 2, as specified by the Progress Value property

Drag and Drop Component for C# & VB.NET Developers
Bunifu Drag is a custom control that gives your forms flexibility to be moved within the screen during application runtime by mouse dragging.

Possible customizations:

Ability to add border radius
Ability to change the border color and color of your card

Custom Properties:

Sets the ability to move the form can be moved on the vertical axis using Vertical properties
Sets the ability to move the form on the horizontal axis using Horizontal property

Ellipse Component for C# & VB.NET Developers
Bunifu Ellipse is a custom component that create round edges on controls e.g. forms. It is a drag and drop based component. Bunifu Ellipse is powerful in that you can use ApplyEllipse () method to apply rounded edges to any control.

Possible customizations:

Ability to change the radius
Ability to select target control using a method


Added Bunifu ToolTip component New Feature [See documentation] Added Bunifu User Control New Feature [See documentation] Added Bunifu DataGridView control Dll migration Added Embedded XML documentation Bunifu Checkbox: Added property AllowBindingControlColorChanges that enables/disables changing the fore color of any checkbox-bound control. Bunifu Form Dock: Added ability to apply drop-shadows to borderless forms by enabling the property AllowDropShadow. Bunifu Image Button: Added PerformClick method for performing clicks outside the control. Fixed an issue where zooming-in/out occurred even when the property Enabled was set to true. This also occurred during a click event. Fixed an issue where the Image Button was failing to work with user controls. Bunifu Label: Added TextFormat property that allows some standard formatting to the Label control. Bunifu ScrollBar: Added the property BindingControl that allows binding Bunifu ScrollBars to container controls e.g. Panels, FlowLayoutPanels, and DataGridViews.