Basic4Android Libraries – December 2017

Basic4android is the simplest and most powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool available for the Android platform

Basic4android includes all features needed to develop great, real-world Android applications
Compiled applications are native Android applications, there is no extra run-time or any dependencies
Our community with over 50k developers is waiting to help you get started

General Features

Simple and powerful RAD tool for developing native Android applications
Complete IDE and programming language 100% focused on Android development
Compiles to native bytecode. No runtime libraries are required. APK files are exactly the same as APK files created with Java / Eclipse
Performance is similar to applications written with Java
Object oriented programming language
Share the code with B4J – a development tool for desktop applications New!
No need for XML programming
Rapid debugger – supports quick deployments, hot code swapping and expressions watches New!. No other native Android tool supports these features!
Highly extensible with support for custom Java libraries
WYSIWYG visual editor for Android. The visual editor supports multiple screens and resolutions
Powerful designer scripts feature. Lets you easily create sophisticated layouts
Basic4android UI Cloud service. Test your layouts on a cloud of real phones and tablets
Supports all Android phones and tablets from Android 1.6 and up to Android 4.x
Modern IDE with autocomplete, built-in documentation, internal index and other advanced features
Powerful step-by-step debugger
Large set of documentation
Built-in code obfuscation
Supports all Android core features including:
SQL databases including encrypted databases
Home screen widgets and live wallpapers
Background services and broadcast listeners
Bluetooth (serial ports)
Phone features: phone calls, sms, contacts, call logs and others
USB host / accessory modes and MTP New!
Web services
XML, JSON, XLS (MS Excel), MDB (MS Access) New! and CSV formats
Views animations
Multitouch gestures
Http Server (based on Jetty)
Arduino ADK New!
Video and audio playback / recording

Networking (TCP, Wifi Direct, UDP, FTP, SFTP New!, FTPS New!, SMTP, POP3 and SMB/CIFS)
Push notifications (GCM New! and C2DM)
Text to speech and voice recognition
AdMob ads and other ads platforms
OpenGL, libGDX New!
Graphics and charts
Files I/O
Integrate with services such as: Parse, Google services, Twitter, Facebook and others
Google Play In-App Billing service
Objects serialization
Sip / Voip
Device Administration apps
And many more

Some of less obvious new features:

– Press on Ctrl + Click to jump to an identifier (sub, variables, etc.). – Themes – Ctrl + T – Sophisticated conditional compilation: #If, #Else If, #Else and support for OR and AND. Also supported in the manifest editor and designer scripts. – Dockable layout. Including support for multiple open editors. – Find all references – F7. – Quick search – Ctrl + F. – Goto sub / module – Ctrl + E. – Smarter autocomplete. – Hover over variables and expressions in debug mode. – Structure matching. – Automatic warnings and errors highlighting. – Support for multiple visual designer windows – Better support for selection and editing of multiple controls. – Views tree supports drag and drop to allow changing the z-order. – Integrated abstract designer with support for zooming. – Memory leak related to layout animations was fixed. – StartServiceAtExact keyword.


Several important components were rewritten to provide more features and better performance: Visual designer properties grid Visual designer views tree Modules tree (new component) Files tree

The major improvements are: Code modules can be loaded from other folders and can be easily shared between projects (including projects targeting other platforms): =[/url] Modules and file tree support grouping. Modules are monitored for external changes. Files tree shows the files icons and allows opening the files with external editors: =[/url]

Modules, files and views can be renamed directly from the relevant tree. Full support for drag and dropping files and modules, including support for dragging multiple items. B4A services and activities can be shared with B4J. New options when adding modules:

Copy to folder: Copies the module to the project folder (same as the current behavior). Link – relative path: Adds a link to the module with a relative path. Useful when the folder is under or close to the project folder. Link – absolute path: Adds a link to the module with an absolute path.

Deleted files are moved to the recycle bin. Properties grid and views tree can be filtered. Properties grid is much faster and includes new types of editors:

Support for downloading maven resources from Google online repositories. This is an important improvement as Google no longer updates the offline repositories. Java 9 is supported. WebView.ZoomEnabled hides or shows the zoom controls. Better error handling in CallSub calls. Fix for potential race condition in AsyncStreams. Better handling of edge cases where the Activity life cycle events are called multiple times. CallSubDelayed doesn’t raise an error if the target sub is missing. This makes it safer to use CallSubDelayed for raising events, Better support for version control. Files are only written when the contents are actually changed. The modules internal attributes are sorted in lexicographical order to reduce random changes. XUI library is now an internal library. Debugger hover window is resizable. Add New Modules / Existing modules menu items in modules tree. Code editor color picker is based on the designer color picker. Open file with default program in Files tree. Also works with double click. Support for opening multiple files at once. Better handling of locked files. Manifest editor replacements are applied to resources created with CreateResource. Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

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