Atalasoft DotImage .NET Imaging SDK v11.0.0.10 Build 507

Atalasoft’s DotImage SDK provides robust viewing technology for captured documents. Scan, view, convert, edit, annotate, and transform paper and electronic documents in your desktop and web applications. TWAIN (Technology Without an Interesting Name) is a scanning driver communication specification standard used for writing device drivers for scanner agnostic applications.

Atalasoft DotTwain is a .NET SDK for capturing digital images from scanners, cameras, and other TWAIN devices. It uses the latest TWAIN specifications for ultra fast scanning.

DotTwain can be used in a small footprint web deployment delivered as a .NET “no-touch” or signed ActiveX. Or it can be used in a standalone .NET scanning solution. DotTwain supports 32- and 64-bit TWAIN 1.x/2.X drivers and is included in DotImage Document Imaging.

Atalasoft’s WebDocumentViewer (WDV) controls let you embed a full document viewer with thumbnails and controls within a web browser to:
Open any DotImage supported image type (add-ons too)
View and print from any repository of documents.
Markup the document with annotations
Redact content on the document by burning annotations
Edit, Insert, Reorder, Remove, or Rotate pages
Cleanup documents using binarize, deskew, despeckle, and all other DotImage ImageCommands
Capture from a client connected scanner with WingScan
Go Mobile for Mobile Browsers iOS and Android with built-in gesture support for controlling the viewer

Javascript UI Controls:
Control for viewing multipage images
Adds native zero footprint html5 browser support for all images supported (see Format Independence)
Dynamically loads viewed images to avoid excessive memory use
Control for showing a quick view of a complete viewer

Supported by ASP.NET generic handler object (.ashx):
‚ÄčEvents for cusomtization
Allows for custom behavior such as
Loading files from a database
Showing all files from a folder

Supported Browsers:
Internet Explorer 11 and later
Mobile Safari
Android Chrome

Other features:
Web project templates available for creating AJAX document viewers quickly
Antialias display for color and grayscale images
Heavily optimized and efficient Scale-to-Gray Display for high quality bi-tonal image display.
No-postback Zooming, Zoom to Area and Selection mouse tools
On-Demand Lazy Loading of images
Multipage TIFF Support
Multipage PDF Support (for read/decode capability the PDF Reader Add-On is required)

Support for web annotations:
Text box
Sticky note
Custom images

Legacy Web Viewers:
SilverlightViewer – XAML viewer for the silverlight platform
WebAnnotationViewer – ASP.NET style zero-footprint viewer
WebThumbnailViewer – WebAnnotationViewer’s thumbnail viewer

Our PDF Reader withText Extarction SDK allows you to open already existing PDF’s within DotImage. The SDK allows Developers the ability to integrate PDF viewing, printing, and format conversion within an application. If you’re working with existing PDFs, you will need these controls. PDF Reader with Text EXtarction is an add-on to the DotImage SDK.

PdfDecoder – Converts the PDF vector based programmatic image into a pixel based image for use with the AtalaImage object. To have PDF as an openable format using AtalaImage’s constructor add a PdfDecoder to the static RegisteredDecoders.Decoders collection.

Supported PDF Reader Features:
Add high-speed viewing of PDF documents to your applications

Convert PDFs to raster images in the DotImage viewers without the Adobe Acrobat SDK
Print PDF documents using the DotImage printing components or by rendering onto a printer graphics object
Convert PDF documents into any supported DotImage image format (multipage TIFF, JPEG, etc).
Integrates with our web viewers for server-side viewing, panning, and zooming of PDF documents
Extract all images from a specified PDF page to their native bit depth
Specify a resolution to use when rasterizing the PDF for instant PDF thumbnails
Supports CCIT G3, G4, Flate, and JPEG embedded images
Support for PDF/A, JBIG2, and JPEG2000 compressed images
Supports PDF Specification versions 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6
Supports all font types: Type1, TrueType, Type0, Type3
Supports all text rendering modes (full, stroke, clipping)
Supports tiling patterns and shadings
Supports all colorspaces: RGB, Gray, CMYK, ICCBased, Lab, Indexed, and Separation.

Full support for viewing and authoring PDF Annotations without requiring Adobe Acrobat
Built-in support for annotating multipage documents such as multi-page TIFFs
Vector annotations on the web with AJAX-enabled controls, including FreeHand, Lines, and Polygons
Out of the box viewing, printing, burning, and editing of images with annotations.
Add simple document markup capabilities or fully functional annotating to existing projects using DotImage.
Easily create your own custom annotations.
Persist Annotations to a file or embedded within an image using the standard WANG format or our own format based on Adobe’s XMP standard.
View and Author PDF Annotations
The built-in AnnotatePrintDocument can be used to print images with annotations exactly as they appear in the viewer.
Includes the InkAnnotation object giving Tablet PC developers the ability to ink directly onto images and treat ink as an annotation object.
Rotate Annotations to any arbitrary angle
Use professionally designed annotation icons in your own projects
Annotate documents in a browser using the AJAX enabled Web Annotations Viewer

Support for:
Text box
Sticky note
Custom images

Microsoft Office Reader
Microsoft Office Decoder (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) is an add-on to DotImage.
This add-on quickly decodes Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents into color or grayscale raster images, seamlessly plugging into DotImage and associated image viewing components as an image decoder.

Convert Office files to raster images in Atalasoft image viewer controls:
See a full list of supported formats
Use the OfficeDecoder class if you need fast rendering. Results aren’t 100% accurate, but there’s no requirement for Office to be installed and no security concerns.
Use the OfficeAdapterDecoder class if you need 100% accuracy. You will need an instance of the required Office application on your server and macros can represent a security threat.
Print Documents using the DotImage Printing components or by rendering onto a printer graphics object.
Convert Documents into any supported DotImage image format (multipage TIFF, JPEG, etc).
Integrates with our AJAX enabled Web Image viewer for server-side viewing, panning, and zooming of documents
Runtime Royalty Free Desktop Licensing

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a process to locate and identify typed letters in an image. ICR or Intelligent Character Recognition is a process similar to OCR but it is used to identify hand-printed letters in an image. Our toolkit allows OCR and ICR engines to be implemented by extending our base OcrEngine class. The Recognize() method is used to start the process. Additionally, we have partnerships with the following OCR and ICR engines and provide the OcrEngine class overload out of the box:

Start your engines
AbbyyEngine – ABBYY FineReader – a fast, closed-source engine for OCR and ICR

Supports 201 languages with 99% accuracy
Hand-printed (ICR) and printed (OCR) documents
Reports individual character position and size
Reports character confidence
Can optionally reject low confidence characters
Can optionally reject low confidence lines

GlyphreaderEngine – Transym – A closed source OCR engine that vectorizes glyphs then determines all the possible letters that it could be.

Supports the European Character Set
Reports individual character position and size
Reports character confidence
Properly OCR’s rotated pages, reporting the rotation angle
Has Auto-Rotate functionality, rotating documents to the correct orientation
Can automatically break merged characters, or merge broken characters
Can disable recognition of specific characters
Can optionally reject low confidence characters
Can optionally reject low confidence lines
Full Page color OCR can be generated when combined with the Searchable PDF Module
TesseractEngine – Google – An intelligent learning open-source OCR engine with many extended language options.

Integrated support for the languages Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish
Atalasoft tests additional language add-on packs for: Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish
Tesseract provides additional language add-on packs here:
Ability to determine character, word, and line size and location
Reports confidence of each recognized character
Output to Text or Searchable PDF
Royalty Free Desktop Licensing
Additionally, our engines can be integrated to use the PdfTranslator. This module automatically translates an image into a searchable PDF file. Simply call Translate() in any of our OcrEngines.

Controls for both reading and writing all your favorite symbologies
Barcode Reading:

Reads all barcodes in an image then returns the string value of each barcode recognized
Reads 14 industry 1-D barcodes as well as 2 industry 2-D symbologies (full list below)
Automatically detect orientation of the recognized barcode (East, South, West, North, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest)
Returns the bounding rectangle of all recognized barcodes
Returns the coordinates of the start and end lines, which can be used to construct a bounding polygon of the barcode area
Detects the type of barcode recognized
Integrated with DotImage with the ability to include an image viewer and pre-processing capabilities such as deskew, despeckle, and annotations.
Returns position of checksum character (if present)
Returns any supplemental barcodes
Deploys as a single assembly alongside DotImage dependencies.

AtalaImage objects can be run through a BarcodeReader or can have a barcode OverlayCommand-ed on to itself. The two objects used for this are seperated out by result:

Barcode Writer

Used for writing barcodes programmatically. Best if used with the OverlayCommand to add a barcode to an existing image
Includes Winform controls that can be dragged onto any window and set up with just a few properties.
Writes 13 industry 1-D barcodes as well as PDF417 and DataMatrix 2-D symbologies
Set orientation of the barcode.
Set the bounding rectangle of barcodes.
Supports check digits for barcodes that use them.
Integration with DotImage with the ability to save the image in any format supported by DotImage.
Also available stand-alone which integrates with .NET’s imaging features.
Deploys as a single assembly alongside DotImage dependencies.
Supports the following symbologies

Multipage documents can be very large when fully loaded into pixel memory. To work with this, we provide:

Classes to change the pages in a document without loading them into memory.
These are useful for removing, rearranging, and adding pages to an existing document with minimal overhead.

Combine static method for quick combining of PDF documents
PdfDocument.Pages collection contains PdfPage objects that allows pages to be added, removed and rearranged
PdfPage.Frame can be used with the PdfDecoder object to open the page into an AtalaImage.
Combine static method for quick combining of Tiff documents
TiffDocument.Pages collection contains TiffPage objects that allows pages to be added, removed and rearranged
TiffPage.Frame can be used with the TiffDecoder object to open the page into an AtalaImage.

UI control that makes connection with twain scanners on the system
Allows user to select TWAIN scanner to use for capture
Provides an event interface to set properties and customize the capture process
Atalasoft is a TWAIN board member is a database of scanner drivers and their compatability score with the TWAIN specification.

Create a custom interface to scan images, or use the default TWAIN interface.
Automatic Document Feeder support, with full control of the feeder operations.
Built-In Background Scanning support to prevent the UI thread from locking-up while scanning.
Support for duplex scanning
File system support for navigating the internal device memory.
Acquire images directly to file utilizing compression algorithms supported by the device.
Select a region of the scanning bed to be acquired with frame support.
Upload a scanned image to a server with the built in HTTP Post class.
Simplified automatic capture allowing the device to quickly capture multiple images for later acquisition.
Imprinter/Endorser methods allowing a text string ito be stamped onto the acquired image during the acquisition.
Barcode/Patchcode classes to access barcode and patchcode recognition abilities of the device.
A low-level class allowing even more control over the scanning session for advanced users.
Extensible to allow custom driver capabilities access.
Image dataset support enables acquisition of specific images from a camera in a single operation.
Quickly find out what capabilities, compression modes, frame sizes, resolutions and more, are supported by a device.
Over 80 properties and 50 methods to give total control over the image acquisition.
Full context sensitive help and documentation.
Object-oriented design; a TWAIN extension to the .NET Framework.

This format is now included with DotImage
OMR, or Optical Mark Recognition, is commonly used to transform documents with marks into contextual data.

Typical uses include, bubble sheet reading, reading form areas, and survey data extraction.

The process starts with alignment. During alignment a base template image is compared to a scanned image and it is lined up using landmarks on the document. Once this is complete the templates defined areas can be read from.

The following classes can be customized or used to create a custom OMR workflow:
DocumentAligner – Our base document aligner. Does the transformation to a document to match to a template. Can be replaced with custom code using IDocumentAligner.
DocumentRejector – Our base document rejector. Determines whether a document is matched or not. Can be replaced with custom code using IDocumentRejector.
OmrTemplateDocument – Used to define the template. Use code to define target areas and mark areas on a document. This will be used for matching and detecting marks.
OmrDocument – Used for the scanned multipage image to be compared to a template.
OmrPage – Represents a single scanned page.
OmrMark – The structured class to look at a mark area and what the determined result was.

DICOM Format – This format is included with DotImage
Create a medical imaging application for displaying X-Ray DICOM images, a tablet application for doctors to diagnose an image and annotate freehand notes on a separate layer, or build an application to read patient information embedded in a DICOM image. DICOM is included with Atalasoft DotImage.

Views both old and new style DICOM Formats
Decodes images into 8-bit Gray, 16-bit gray, 24-bit RGB, or 48-bit RGB colorspaces
Also supports 10-bit, 12-bit, and 14-bit gray promoting them to 16-bit gray for viewing
Read all patient metadata from the image
Support for all DICOM pixel formats in the web controls
Support for DICOM window and leveling
Support for reading DICOM sample values before any transformations have been applied
Reads a specified frame in a multi-framed DICOM image
Full annotations support

The AtalaImage class is the representation of a single image in any image format. It uses ImageDecoders to load an image and ImageEncoders to save an image. ImageDecoder or Image Encoder can be extended to handle a special image file type. When using AtalaImage’s constructor all ImageDecoders in the static RegisteredDecoders collection are used to open the file or stream.

Developer tools that support all your scanned image, document, and PDF formats.
1-bit, 4-bit. 8-bit colormapped support
8-bit grayscale, 16-bit grayscale w/alpha, 24-bit RGB, 32-bit RGBA, and 32-bit RGB support
32-bit CMYK support (w/auto color management)
16-bit grayscale, 48-bit RGB, 64-bit RGBA support
Write-to raster image formats
Digital Camera RAW Decode Support
XPS and HD Photo/JpegXR Support
Image only PDF Encode Support. (See the PDF Reader module for PDF Read Support)
LZW, Packbits, Deflate, G3/G4, RLE, JPEG, and TIFF JPEG Compression (See JBIG2 and Jpeg2000 for additional compressions)
Full alpha transparency support
Multi-page TIFF read support (note: only Document Imaging supports scale to gray display)
Multi-page TIFF write support
Lossless JPEG TransformsAuto
TIFF Directory Manipulation (insert, remove, add pages, and edit/add tags without re-encoding the entire image)
Tiled TIFF decoding and encoding
Support for TIFF Type 6 (OJPEG) decoding
Support for TIFF Type 6 (OJPEG) encoding
The AtalaImage class is the representation of a single image in any image format. It uses ImageDecoders to load an image and ImageEncoders to save an image. ImageDecoder or Image Encoder can be extended to handle a special image file type. When using AtalaImage’s constructor all ImageDecoders in the static RegisteredDecoders collection are used to open the file or stream.

Atalasoft provides the following prebuilt Decoders:
BmpDecoder – Bitmap format
EmfDecoder – Enhanced Metafiles format
GifDecoder – Compuserve Graphics Interchange format
JpegDecoder – Jpeg format
JpegXrDecoder – Microsoft Windows Media Photo format
PcdDecoder – Kodak Photo CD format
PcxDecoder – Zsoft Paintbrush format
PdfDecoder* – Adobe’s Portable Document format
PngDecoder – Portable Network Graphics format
PnmDecoder – PNM, PBM, PGM, PPM formats
PsdDecoder – Adobe Photoshop format
RawDecoder – Digital Camera Raw format
TgaDecoder – Truevision Targa format
TiffDecoder – Tagged Image File Format
TlaDecoder – Tla format
WbmpDecoder – Wireless Bitmap format
WmfDecoder – Windows Metafile format
XpsDecoder – XPS Document format
DwgDecoder* – Autocad DWG and DXF file formats
DicomDecoder* – DICOM meta
Jb2Decoder* – JBIG2 black and white compression optimized file format
Jp2Decoder* – Jpeg2000 color compression optimized file format
OfficeDecoder* – Microsoft Office Word documents and Excel documents

ImageCommand is the base class for doing a pixel operation on an image.
The most useful commands for document imaging are:

CropCommand – Convert image into a subset of its pixels
OverlayCommand – Put an image on top of another
ResampleCommand – resize an image
DynamicThresholdCommand – compress a document to black and white from color
Beyond these commands we also have libraries of additional commands broken down in to groups. Check out these namespaces for additional commands:

Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Channels – Commands to work with color images
Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Document – Commands optimized for textual scanned documents
Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Effects – Commands that alter pixel content
Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Filters – Commands that mimic photoshop commands
Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Transforms – Commands that alter pixel alignment

Easy-to-use Windows Forms viewing controls
ImageViewer – Our basic lightweight WinForms viewer. Designed to show a single AtalaImage at a time.

WorkspaceViewer – A WinForms viewer, with additional built in functionality

AnnotateViewer – Our WorkspaceViewer with built in annotation functionality.

Scrollable, Zoomable Image Viewer Controls
Multi-Threaded Thumbnail Viewer Control
Automatically watch folders and update the thumbnail if there is a change.
View multi-page TIFF documents
Vertical or Horizontal Layout
Custom Captions
On Demand Thumbnail Loading
Advanced Styling and Control
Automatically watch folders and update the thumbnail if there is a change.
Antialias Display for color and grayscale images
Heavily optimized Scale-to-Gray Display for high quality document image display
Pan, Zoom, ZoomArea, Select Mouse Tools
Autozoom including Best Fit, Fit to Width, and Fit to Height
Magnifier Component
Animated Rectangle, Ellipse, and Line rubberbands
Printing Component to print images, one per page
Pan, Zoom, Zoom Area, Select Mouse Tools
Composite Image Printing Control to print image composites
Open Image Dialog Control
Undo / Redo Capability

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