Actipro Universal Windows Controls 2018.1 build 0330 Retail

The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is the framework of application system services that drives Windows 10 apps. Get started building great Windows apps today by downloading Actipro’s user interface controls, designed for use in any .NET-based Windows Store or Windows Phone app project.

Control Products
Our wide array of control products can be purchased as part of our Universal Windows Studio control suite, which includes free upgrades and any new products added to Universal Windows Studio for a year. Best of all, it saves over 50% over purchasing the control products below separately.

Premium SyntaxEditor Language Add-ons
Optional premium language add-ons for SyntaxEditor are available (sold separately) that enhance the SyntaxEditor code-editing experience for end users with features like parsing, syntax error reporting, automated code outlining, and IntelliPrompt.

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